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6yr ago
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permalink someone who can teach me hoe to draw expression eye girl anime (Cry, Sad, Mad, Die)...please help me...

5yr ago
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permalink What I would say is.. Observe and read more manga. Shoujo+Tragedy mangas. You would be able to learn it from there.

5yr ago
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permalink like this one? hahaha (this is actually a shy face, haha)

5yr ago
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permalink Drawing is hard but if you have the will you can do it, just do your best!!!

5yr ago
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permalink Erm I tried doing an anime version of myself.
upload foto

5yr ago
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permalink why dont you try deviantart?? check the drawing out..

theres a tutorial on how to do the eyes too.....

5yr ago
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permalink You should focus well on what you have in mind, such as draw an eyes. There so much example of an anime eyes out day that you can practice.

5yr ago
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permalink This is a drawing of my OC's for a story I wrote but didn't end up finishing~ :)

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