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7yr ago
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permalink Kunnichiwa minna san.... Me I really like matsu jun of ARASHI... others whom do you like? :RBundecided:

They've stayed as band for 10 years and still counting.. I really appreciate them....
:D :RBheart:

7yr ago
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permalink I like Sho-kun the best :D

But they're all really talented!!! I really like Arashi

7yr ago
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permalink :wave: :wave: Hello
Me too
I love Arashi
The ones i like the best are Nino, Aiba,and Ohno ^_^
Sometimes it's hard to choose :) But I also love Sho and MatsuJun ;)

7yr ago
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permalink i also really like arashi^_^ it was the first jpop band i ever got into im glad that they have been together for so long and i love all of their songs^__^ aiba-chii is my favorite but i do find it hard to like just one of arashi i believe it happens to all fans at first you chose just one member but then you start to see everything that makes arashi who they are! i will forever be an arashi fan!! i hope to meet new friends who love them to! ^__^ so please mail me.

7yr ago
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permalink Arashi in HERE.

please check INDEX topic before you create a new topic.

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