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2yr ago
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permalink A new member called ArchitectToRemember joined the website JpopAsia.

He joined the page so he can get recommendations for new bands to listen to. For the most time, he spends his listening time with metalcore bands like Architects of Ar Day To Remember, he found some japanese metalcore bands like lynch. or coldrain which he really likes, but otherwise he has problems finding bands which he can put on repeat. So if you want to help him, then just go ahead.

Otherwise if you are interested in getting to know what kid of a person ArchitectToRemember is or if you have any questions you want to ask him, then just go ahead. He's looking forward to have a good time here.

2yr ago
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permalink Welcome and enjoy!

2yr ago
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permalink Welcome! I enjoy listening to GReeeeN if you're interested.

2yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA :33

2yr ago
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permalink The talking in third person made me think you were a spambot at first.

Welcome to JPA, anyway~

2yr ago
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permalink Welcome!

2yr ago
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permalink Welcome and Enjoy here in JPA

2yr ago
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permalink welcome here! you will enjoy here!

2yr ago
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permalink WELCOME TO JPA!!! O:) O:) O:) O:) :naughty:

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