Merchandise for jpa.

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7yr ago · 838 jpops
This may sound like a very silly question, but i was wondering, are there any Jpop asia collectible merchandise where fans or members can buy?.

7yr ago · 207,421 jpops
You mean is there something that there?

7yr ago · 26,419 jpops
Not as far as I know, but there were discussions of T-shirts.

7yr ago · 179,599 jpops
That would be cool if JPA had more things like that.
We could get more members
and also show our pride of JPA membership.

7yr ago · 838 jpops
All sounds interesting and i'll be so proud to show off my jpa pride. Thanks for the info though Rendy.

7yr ago · 642 jpops
Considering how great this place and how empty the chat can be, the community does seem rather small. =/

7yr ago · 1,858 jpops

Can't JPA use or something? I would love a regular t-shirt that says "JPA, where the Japanophiles lurk" or something to that effect. :) Well, maybe not "Japanophiles", per se, since JPA caters to all Asian music, not just Japanese. And also cos Japanophiles kinda sounds like a Japanese pedophile....damn. Ok, how about Japanomaniac? Sounds better. So, Chinamaniac, Koreanomaniac, etc etc. :) Sounds good, ne?

But please, JPA....GET A BETTER MASCOT!! That bear/lion mix thing looks weeeeird.

7yr ago · 838 jpops
lol , i agree too, the 1st time i came here, i was wondering what was that creature, until i looked closer, i saw that it was a lion. then i wondered, what does a lion have 2 do with what JPA is about. :) :RBconfused:

7yr ago · 378,503 jpops

This is another forum threast about jpopasia tee shirts. apparently there is such a thing a jpopasia stuff.

The shirts are nice navy. I have considered gettingone.

Still I digress i could ramble on for a long time

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