looking for penpals from any country :)

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4yr ago
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permalink Hey there!! I'm new to this but I would love to have a friend who's from other country and has similar interests with me.

I'm from Turkey and 17 years old girl
I love Japan (with everything from history to music)
My favourite bands are DIAURA, SID, Versailles (well now Jupiter and KAMIJO) , Lycaon, D=Out, Sadie and many others that I forgot.
I also love watching anime and reading manga, I've watched and read a lot of them so I won't write them here :D
I'm trying to learn Japanese
I love reading books too, not only manga :)
My dream is to be a seiyuu, my favorite seiyuu are Miyano Mamoru, Junichi Suwabe and Daisuke Ono (well they are all men but I'm just in love with their voices, can't help it!!)

So if we have similar interests or you just feel like we can be good friends, feel free to reply :D Then I'll give you my mail adress :D

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permalink sadly i'm into kpop music. anyway, welcome to jpa!

4yr ago
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permalink Thanks :D

4yr ago
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permalink Hello!

I'm am a 18 year old girl and from England :D I love Jpop and anime :D

I am a fan girl of Hello! Project, Fairies and Momoiro Clover Z. I like a few AKB48 songs but there not the best in my opinion. The boys groups I love are Sexy Zone and SMAP.

I love manga I read fantasy I also like a few Yaoi manga to. I planning on learning Kanji buts it is hard to get the hang of. I love the anime Pokémon, Junjo Romantica, Kyo Kara Maoh!, Sailor Moon and Shugo Chara!.

I do like Kpop but mostly bands from S.M. Entertainment and YG Entertainment. I watch Hello Baby a lot. :D

Good luck in becoming a Seiyuu. I like Daisuke Ono to :D.

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