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permalink So I've been come and go in this Penpal forums and wow lots of you actually looking for penpal. So I think perhaps I should post a thread too. I'm pretty active writing to various international friends so let's be Penpal with me. It will be more interesting to add more penpal.

This is my Lettrs if you wish to write a digital letter to me. I keep writing letters here too. If you wish to be my mail penpal, PM me, I'll give you my mail. Penpal-ing here also fine :crazy:

Lets know each other more~
Here's a lil info about me:
-Speak various languages and dialect
-Anime / Japan / music / art/ astrology lover and lots more
-I'm drawing (various art, both traditional and digital)
-I'm good in stalking and collect data :crazy:
-Founder of a few fan pages/ club :crazy:

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