K-Pop beating J-Pop?

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Interesting, I think it's a little bias but it has some valid points. K-pop acts are definitely becoming more dominant in the Japanese music chart. But I wonder how long it'll last.

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thats true ! almost all korean songs have the same beat and same style ! whereas the japanese songs have verity of genere !

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Agree! K-pop music is shallow! I also hate how their butthurt fans get angry and troll at the slightest rant any hater makes. Makes them look pretty lame.

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Personally I prefer Jpop because it's songs are beautiful and the artists have true passion for their music. The lyrics are amazing and the music is just brilliant. Also there are so many diffent genres of Japanese music. I love Kpop aswell, but I feel it doesn't have the same effect as Jpop. But of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion ^.^

Also a couple of weeks ago, there were protests about a channel showing too many Korean dramas rather then Japanese TV. Could this be a sign that the Japanese are starting to become a bit tired of Korean culture?

I think Jpop is definitely better, but I still love Kpop :)

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I've been reading articles about that too. I wonder how long it going to last. It not just the music that taking over Japan it even the dramas as well. Like what Otaku101 said people been having protest about this saying that Korean culture invasion is brainwashing the Japanese.

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First of all, as a business student who's studying marketing..I think Kpop really is dominating...but I think Jpop still is good(Not to mention they've a lot of new artists I can't waqit to debut!!) it's just that KPOP right now in the marketing cycle is either in its growth or in its maturity level while JPOP is still on the top of the cycle..slowly moving down..and sometime up.., My opinion xD

I heard like the thing that happened in Fuji TV started because the CEO graduated from a university in Korea..and of what I've heard..most Koreans are really Patriotic that they have to think of their own country's pride and image first..
Also..like the workers who work for Fuji TV lose their jobs if they say something on TV that they don't listen to KPOP or that they're against it...
TBH, I used to like kpop..maybe even more than JPOP..but after hearing the dirty tricks some of them are pulling of...I kinda stopped..They're using dirty-underhanded marketing techniques...
Like what they recently did in Youtube...Hacking the number of views in videos so it would appear like a lot of people watch them..However, the numbers they changed exceeded the views on videos of american artists..which was impossible..

Anyway..I didn't made up all the facts I wrote
I watched all of it from this video

You guys must watch it!! I feel really bad about what's happening in the world ryt now!!!

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Jpop is very unique and the ones who listen to jpop usually are unique as well and just doesn't go with the flow. They exactly follow a band because of the band's music not because the boy band shows some abs or whatever, we follow jpop because it has a style, kpop is almost as American pop anyway I exactly listen to Jpop and American pop a lot mostly.

But that doesn't mean Kpop bands are not good, no they do have a very good vocalist and good dance choreography as well but still not something very new about their music. Tho I listen to 2PM as I think their music do has a very special style!!

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yes, with long and hard training, innovative marketing, great music and style and most importantly with real talents
and not just in japan but in the world

Kpop vs Jpop

btw i see people are still in denial and the comments are so outdated like the music they listen to lol

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dont tell me you are one of those simple minded people who falls for those kind of propaganda lol

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It's either that or I have something we call empathy.. xD

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Honestly, what I don't get is how KPop is making it's way to Japan, yet JPop isn't making it's way to South Korea. Really. I heard one of those AKB48/SND48 (or something or other) groups tried to debut there but they were rejected.

Yeah, well South Korea. How would you feel if we booed your beloved 2NE1, SNSD, Super Junior, and SHINee.

Really. It seems like the main focus for most Korean groups is the whole "how we look" thing. 2NE1's song sucked, and they looked quite odd. SNSD as well for Mr. Taxi. And Super Junior for Mr. Simple. They sound like the Korean versions of Ke$ha. Autotune (sounds like it at least), and music style wise, it's coming to be more like the American crap we hear these days.

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Kpop sounds no different from the crap in Ameridan radio stations. No real style whatsoever. But I'm hoping it's just a trend that will get old quickly...

btw... the "butt dance" was all the rage??? THAT'S JUST SILLY! XD

@aceponkana Wow. that video was... something else. Don't get me wrong, it IS interesting.

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I've never heard of a place called Amerida. Thanks for the education.

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i learn of japanese stuff first before i came to like korean songs and dramas. yes, k-pop stuff r up-to-date, lookwise, stylewise. but at some point they all began to sound similar. those who said japanese stuff r unique, i totally agree with u. not just the music, the dramas and even their animes r too. they may not have the best in looks and physique but their stuff r in a class of their own. their drama, despite their funniness, r full of philosophies of life and human values. now i'm back to being a j-pop, j-drama fan. there's always sumthing new by the japs to look forward to ^^

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Jpopall the way if I listen to Kpop I would just listen to American Pop and Thats not happening

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i agree with all of you guys...i mean kpop has very similar songs even thoung the singers/bands are different
while jpop band has 'diversity' in genres, the lyrics are amazing and sometimes really cheer me up :D they sing AND play the instruments which amaze me a lot
the only thing that kpop has i think is only appearance
i have to admit that taecyeon (2PM) has a nice body, but i think he couldn't play instruments as good as mami (scandal)

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i can understand why japan would feel threatened by the hallyu wave but there's no need to protest against it. yes kpop has it's place in the japanese music market and yes a lot of ppl like kpop but jpop is still largely present.

and please, stuff about jpop/kpop having more meaningful or unique music or more passionate artists is nonsense. both have their fair share of garbage that dominates the charts. but then again liking music is always subjective. so claiming that one is better than the other, backed up by a number of reasons means nothing to other people with their own music tastes.

people like what they like. and kpop happens to be something that's appealing to a large japanese audience and there's nothing wrong with that. if japan truly feels threatened then start expanding the jpop industry to korea. i'll tell you right now that akb48 has no chance of succeeding in korea but other artists like kis-my-ft2 (imo japanese infinite) and matsushita yuya (imo japanese se7en) have a certain charm that will definitely appeal to the korean audience if they ever decide to expand to korea. they may not succeed right away but the hallyu wave didn't start overnight either.

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i agree with u!! i have seen some pretty senseless j pop dominating the charts and it's the same with k pop and there are also really good music on both sides and some Japanese singers like yamapi are really appreciated in korea

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agree totally to your comment !

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If you listen K-POP you'll realize that it's American Pop with Korean Lyrics. We all know Amarican Pop, so our ear knows the sound too. So for us it sounds more known and we're going to listen it. J-pop has another Style. I didn't find out what is it yet, but it doesn't really sound American like ;) What i mean is. Because we are used to listen American Pop so often we can identifiy us with K-pop better because it is near on the Style of American Pop.

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I love K-pop, but I still don't understand why any J-pop acts debut in South Korea..?

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First of all I think this whole thing is CRAZY! Are ya'll for real? Are people really arguing about this? Protests? Nothing better to do with your lives I see. smh! rmmfe! some of us K and J music supporters grew up one point in time listened to pop music made in the U.S.A. there is some familiarity to the beats and the sound of k-pop and j-pop yes. But if there's somebody who's not open to ANY international music tough luck convenienceing them to listen to it, no way in hell! But how can I??? hum... j-rock k-pop and j-pop songs are in most of the video games i play and mostly all the games in America. From new games to the throw backs wasn't none of that in English yet you was walking around singing it playing it ALL day and the music ws just playing on repeat. I'm off subject but so are ya'll. the world is in shyt, children are dying all over the world, starving, and need help but yet this shyt is important? I'm sorry if I went a little crazy but this K-pop and J-pop " beef " is stupid. Just a question is this gonna make you STOP listening to your fav bands? now your not gonna listen to any other kind of music because someone say "k-pop is taking over" # inmywhinyvioce? Come on ya'll stop arguing and turn you music up!!!!! :)

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After reading all these comments about how K-pop "all sounds the same" and how "J-pop is better because it's unique", okay, THAT'S YOUR OPINION, not everyone likes J-pop! I happen to like J-rock/metal, but I don't protest that it's better than K-rock.
Let other people like what they like and leave them be! Is it REALLY necessary to argue about a genre? Really?
I love K-pop, I used to like J-pop, but you don't see me saying "K-POP IS BETTER THAN J-POP. TROLOLOL". o_o

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I somewhere agree to this. After having recently joined the ranks of Jpop and Kpop fans, I realised that I moved over to loving Kpop more than Jpop although I discovered it much after I started listening to Kpop.

Somewhere I find Kpop slightly more refined in terms of the music they create...besides the production values of their videos are much much better.

Also, I think Kpop artists experiment a lot more with genres and aren't really afraid to break the mould while very few Jpop artists do that. Kpop has a slightly more mature sound than Jpop which can tend to get a bit more teeny-bopper-ish...

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Well, of course k-pop is doing really good in Japan. I blame it on the fact that a lot of the pop music that Japan produces (but not all of it) is this cutsie stuff. I think if I had to hear that on the radio all the time, I'd get tired of it too.

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Kpop is waaayy better than Jpop

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I think both genres are great! But of course people have their own preferences. preferably I love Kpop, but Jpop is really great. Jpop is what got me further into Asian music, so I love it.
I think kpop is becoming more westernized which I love because they are bringing more appeal to international fans which they have a lot of. I wish jpop was like that to, but I like how they like to stay within their country and not change their style of music.
I have to complain though, I would love to see Arashi do a world tour, but that seems impossible as they always focus on Japan. :(
I notice as well that kpop is always in Japan, I would love to see jpop artists in Korea as well. Like Arashi making Korean debut songs and singing on the music programs. I don't know if anyone would agree to that though >_<

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yup so sad j-pop artist only have their concerts in a same area :(

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Japanese artists don't debut in Korea because
1. In terms of pronunciation going from Korean to Japanese is a lot easier than the other way around
2. The Japanese music industry is much bigger than the Korean one
3. Japanese artists aren't trying to spread their music around the world like K-pop artists are right now

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@Mitsumi Ok, But I still wish they would spread a bit more

I know!! So sad :(

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Kpop often goes to japan coz they earn faster that way than depending locally in S.Korea.Plus, Japan is a big market. Also, Japan is one of the reasons that has enhanced their popularity internationally.
But both are good.. i hope people acknowledge cpop, tpop, and mpop's presence.. xD

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I will pick both K-pop are awsome too but im more in J-pop . the problem is J-pop Artist only have their concerts in the same country Japan and their releases are only in japan too unlike k-pop have their concerts and album around the world :D but this two genres are great <3 <3 i both love them japan and korea are awsome's country <3

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yes I agree with you!!

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both are good and i dnt think kpop will ever beat jpop..coz how can music beat another form of musical genre lol Also, the 2 genres atrract 2 different markets.. so there's no point to compare..

But.. i hope people acknowledge cpop, tpop, and mpop's presence.. xD
I'm sick of the jpop vs kpop feud! _>.<_

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I'm tired of the feud also! I like C-pop xD never heard Tpop or Mpop though >_<

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:o u haven't tried Tpop or Mpop!
Whic cpop artist do u listen to?
I wanna add u!

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I accepted your request :D

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american pop sucks man... =,="

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that's just absurd.. jpop is faaarrr moooorreee greater than kpop.. yeah... i know that kpop is now trying to spread their wings world-widely, and they receive a green light.. but it doesn't make them any better than jpop... quantity can't judge the quality.. :) and jpop doesn't even need to promote their music outside from their country but they still caught the attention of the world.. which only means that jpop's quality is better than kpop... but whereas... that's the problem here for j-music fans... like kpop, they often goes overseas for concert.. which make kpop fans get to see their idol more frequently.. while for j-music, they don't usually promote their music outside Japan so it make it harder for us to meet our idol... ;/ if only jpop would come here... if only jpop promote their music around the world just like kpop did, i'm sure that jpop could even PWN american's shitty music... yeah~

p/s: it doesn't mean that ALL american musics are shitty.. most of them are.. :/ but artist like Taylor Swift is good.. :) while artistes like Lady Gaga and Katty Perry.. they're just sucks to the core! =,="

okay.. peace yo~

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Thats pretty dumb of you to say that american music is bad.

Because JPop and JRock is originally Pop and Rock from UK and the US that got influenced by japanese music.

I dont listen to much music either and I agree with you that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry isnt good

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jaaa.. gomen.. it's that, american music is just not suit for me at all.. i don't like it's stream nowadays.. i think some are okay, but to me, majorly, it just sucks.. sorry far saying that again.. but i do like some american artist.. :) especially rock band..

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Personally I think K-Pop sucks. No way is it better than J-Pop

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okayy, no offense to this forum topic maker, but seriously, do we need to compare these 2 genre?? we have our own idol, whatever their genre is, ofc we will say best thing for what we idolize.. every person has their own favorite artist/band, so no need to compare which one better which one suck. just listen to what we like, no need to complain bout others preference.

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The article makes a lot of sense. But J-pop will always have Anime. That's how most of us discovered J-pop right? If it weren't for J-pop I might have never discovered K-pop. A friend introduced me to both. I had always heard J-pop in anime, but never saw a music video until he showed me one. Then later I was introduced to BIG BANG. I listen to a lot more J-pop than K-pop but I will always love both equally, they're both unique and I find it hard to compare and say one is actually [i]better[/i] than the other. I experience different emotions when I listen to each type of music. I have 563 songs on my ipod...92 are Korean, 2 are American and the rest are Japanese (all kinds, J-pop, J-rock, V-kei, etc...) But I will always love both genre. I despise most American music even if I am American...

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i love kpop...but Jpop is my love forever....hope Jpop will debut in s. korea too... :D

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it's true that K-pop are more dominant than J-pop..
but whatever they said, for me J-pop is still the best
they have more various artist and type of song, doesn't like korean pop that dominant with girl and boybands.
Japan is number 1!! ^^ <3

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I see...in the world these days people care about the ((appearance))...but for me,I like the music..the real music which makes your heart beat fast ((doki doki))...Jpop has characteristics of the real Music...so I don't care about whatever others say...I loved japan from the beginning and I'll do that forever... ;) <3
I'm not a Japanese, but I WILL FOREVER LOVE JAPAN!! :D
[second to my native country, of course. <3]

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Me too! And i love Taipi too!

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