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6yr ago
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permalink Hello,
i have a Ipod Touch 4G.
and when I'm on internet, while using it, I can't watch the videos on JPA all the time.
so I was asking myself, is there going to be a JpopAsia app?


6yr ago
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permalink Me too think its a good idea to add a jpopasia app! :D would be cool! ^-^

6yr ago
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permalink That would be awesome :)
I'd even pay for it hehe

6yr ago
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permalink It'd be quite epic.

Wouldn't pay though, I use my computers more than the iPod D;

Also, it might be hard to make an app for iPod/iPhone. It's not something you just do like that. To do that you need the right programming knowledge, and Apple have to approve it.
Now, I don't know what programming resources JPA have, but if they don't have it they'd have to pay for someone else to do it.

6yr ago
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permalink Yeah, well I realize that it's a lot of work. But it was just an idea. JPA has a new image now, and i was just wondering what there is going to be in the future. Maybe when JPA is going to change again, they can think about an app? ;)

6yr ago
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permalink that would be nice, I'd love that too, I'd even buy it since I know for sure that all the money will be used for improving JPA

6yr ago
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permalink haha well there are users who pay this sight so the funding would be no problem if those would be willing to help :P (i would but i'm dead broke!) and i;m sure users would be willing to wait for it after they get this sight together now (cuz it has alotta issues)

6yr ago
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permalink PLEASE MAKE AN APP FOR THIS!!!!!! (:

6yr ago
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permalink thinking of making an JPA app for apple and blackberry smartphones.. still on designing steps

5yr ago
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permalink request for android phones too :p

5yr ago
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permalink YES!! Please make an app. Would rly appreciate it since im on my smartphone all the time XD

5yr ago
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permalink yup yup an app for android please ^^

5yr ago
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permalink yes an android or even apple app would be great. Preferably android tho. xD

5yr ago
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permalink An app for this site would be very awesome and easy to access on the go. So please make an app for JPA~! <3

5yr ago
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permalink It would be great if we could use the forum on the go

5yr ago
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permalink yes please make an app for this place especially for blackberry users .thanks

5yr ago
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permalink I am just thinking that if there was an JPA apps for Mobile, what it like be? Like Twitter, or Facebook? ... :O ;)

But, Simply want an Chrome apps instead of Mobile, Coz JpopAsia isn't a type of Website that's suitable with Mobile Apps, not like Tweets and others.

Just my point of View. :)

5yr ago
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permalink Not a bad idea. That would actually make my day every day for the rest of my life :D

5yr ago
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permalink I don't even have my ipod anymore, but I think that it would be pretty awesome if jpopasia did something like that. Can you imagine how many more members it would bring?

5yr ago
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permalink Oooh that is an awesome idea :) id like for it to be on both my blackberry and kindle fire

5yr ago
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permalink That would be the most amazing thing ever.

5yr ago
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permalink That would be totally awesome and I would totally get it~

5yr ago
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permalink I'd be willing to pay for it too!

5yr ago
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permalink yes i hope there is an app in the future! i love coming on JPA and want an easier way to come on the site :D

5yr ago
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permalink That would be great! ^^ I would also even pay for it~~

5yr ago
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permalink Jepp thats what we need =D

5yr ago
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permalink yea there should be an app for it that would be cool :)

5yr ago
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permalink A mobile version would be appreciated.

It looks the same on my Droid and hard to see and lots of scrolling.

5yr ago
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permalink Please make an app for the chat too :D

5yr ago
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permalink There should be a JPOPAsia app!!! i wanna be able to go on Jpop Asia on my phone when i'm not at school! but i have an android :3

5yr ago
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permalink [i]An app for everyone, please? That would be SO cool for us!! Thanks,. xD[/i]

5yr ago
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permalink Please make an app The most enjoyable :D

5yr ago
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permalink iv been on jpop asia on the iphone and its the same the computer, i can watch MV and chat to my friends. so JPA dosent really need to release an app unless they want to make more money or are just nice in a way to give what members want.

5yr ago
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permalink That would be great if JPA really make one :)

5yr ago
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permalink Yeah, they totally should make an app for JPA. I have an iPhone and I wish I could easily access the site :)

5yr ago
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permalink It would be pretty cool... I wish i knew how to make apps... lol

5yr ago
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permalink I use JPA on my iphone daily... i think an app would make it easier to use and I can't watch video directly on the page it always takes me youtube.

5yr ago
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permalink for android please :D

5yr ago
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permalink That would be so great ! I would totally pay for a jpop asia app....(cough) or my parents would ;)

5yr ago
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permalink Please make a Jpopasia app!

4yr ago
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permalink If there is an app for this, I'll be able to use JPA whenever,wherever I want !!! ~~~ I would love that !

4yr ago
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permalink i think too
it's comfortable for everyone ^^

4yr ago
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permalink I won't mind if you make one of Android :)
It will be more comfortable

4yr ago
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permalink It would be the best idea ever XD

4yr ago
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permalink Uwaaa JPA app that would be awesome >< i need a smartphone!

4yr ago
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permalink That would be great ....

4yr ago
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permalink I agree, a JPA app would be epic :D

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