Johnny's fans! what were the 1st songs that captured yo

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9yr ago
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permalink NEWS - Weeeek
Kanjani8 - Wahaha
Arashi - Step and Go (I heard WISH first, but I didn't really like them until I heard Step and Go)
V6 - Way of Life
Hey!Say!JUMP - Ultra Music Power
Cool Rainbow - Tackey & Tsubasa

Some of the songs like Weeeek and Wahaha I didn't like at first, but they kept get stuck in my head. After I listened to them again, I fell in love with them!!![edit]Last edit by just4lizzy on Tuesday 17 Jun, 2008 at 18:46 +12.9%[/edit]

6yr ago
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permalink For KAT-TUN it was No More Pain, Arashi Troublemaker, NEWS Sakura Girl and Hey! Say! JUMP it was Arigatou Sekai no Dokoni Ite mo

9yr ago
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permalink For me, it was KAT-TUN with Real Face. I also listened to weeeek, Summer Time, and Taiyou no Namida. I <3 Real Face!!!

9yr ago
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permalink it was sunrise nippon by arashi.. :totallylove:

and so lot's more especially when i watched Johnny's Countdown 2008 :joops:

but i really love ANNIVERSARY kat-tun's version eventhough it was originally sang by Kinki Kids.. :jangel:

9yr ago
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permalink I became Johnny's fan after listen Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi - Arashi, then Teppen - NEWS, Feel your breeze - KAT-TUN's version and Sukiyanen Osaka - Kanjani8

9yr ago
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permalink Bang! Bang! Vacance by SMAP. Then I discovered Arashi and have been in love with them for months.

9yr ago
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permalink um...let me think...a lot of songs...

9yr ago
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permalink my JE fandom all started with nobuta wo i think it should be Seishun Amigo XD but i heard Kizuna first in Gokusen 2 but what really got me into it was Yamapi in NwP XP

9yr ago
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permalink Arashi-happiness :otsu:
was the first

9yr ago
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permalink Arashi - Love so sweet

9yr ago
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permalink First Johnny's song I heard: Love So Sweet by Arashi.
I found a list of the 2007 Oricon top 100, and started at number one and worked my way down.

in order, all it took was Arashi's Love So Sweet, Kanjani8's Kanfuu Fighting and then News' Weeeek to make me a Johnny's fan. :3

9yr ago
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permalink ano..... hahaha practiclly all JE songs...

Hey! Say! 7 (temporary groupp)- Hey! Say!
ARASHI- Love so sweet
Kat-Tun- Real Face, Keep the faith

9yr ago
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permalink For me it was Sen no yoru wo koete and alones from aqua timez also rolling star from yui which make me love jpop

9yr ago
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permalink the very first song that i really love is ULTRA MUSIC POWER~~~~~~

9yr ago
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permalink i think for me,its wish by arashi.b4 that i am into dbsk until i watched hana yori dango,realised that a band called arashi exists,listened to their debut song,n i hv vowed to be loyal to arashi 4eva!they are sorta my links to JE though,followed by:

summer time-news
hey! say!-hey! say! 7
last song-gackt

9yr ago
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permalink The first JE song I liked was Summer Time then I started liking most of JE's material.
Then I got into Arashi by Hana Yori Dango (I'm in love with the FINAL remix).
I got into HEY!SAY!7 because of Lovely Complex.
I haven't looked for anything else but I'll try.

9yr ago
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permalink its Kizuna by kamenashi kazuya
the reason why im into kattun & jpop.

just recently, ilove listening to their new songs like nannen tattemo, shot, affection & mother/father.

i also like nantoka narosa of news...^_^

9yr ago
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permalink KAT-TUN's Real Face

9yr ago
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permalink For me, it started with Arashi's "Wish" after watching Hana Yori Dango.

Then, here are my first songs from each respective Johnny's ^^ tehe

SMAP: Sekai ni Hitosu Dake no Hana
V6: One (or something like that, the one they sing with Shoo)
Kinki Kids: Natsuno Osama
Kanjani8: Sukiyanen, Osaka
KAT-TUN: Real Face
NewS: WeeeeeK
Hey! Say! 7 - Hey! Say!

These were all at different times, but Arashi is what really started my fandom (=

9yr ago
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permalink hey say jump-ultra music power
kat tun-yorokobi no uta/real face

at first i like hey say jump a lot but at that time i didn't even know they were in johnny's. but yorokobi no uta got me obsessed.

9yr ago
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permalink I don't quite remember -_-. I just remember that I 1st got into KAT-TUN through cKT, & they've performed a few times, but the songs didn't really catch my attention. But gradually I grew to love them...Yorokobi no Uta maybe? Ironically, to date that's my least fav single from them :P.

And from there I started listening to other groups as well XD

9yr ago
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permalink arashi's sakura sake was the first..then kat-tun's real face

9yr ago
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permalink Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7... it was the very first song i've heard... and also Arashi's Happiness! :)

9yr ago
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permalink KAT-TUN keep the faith.that really turned me into a johnnys fan.
i got more and more interested. :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink First I heard Johnny's is V6-Change my world coz' that song from InuYasha (opening theme)

then First I heard Johnny's in Music Station is V6-Honey Beat coz' they perform in Music Station

After that I'm falling love of JE especially ARASHI

I like song from JE is:
1. ARASHI :RBheart: ;) - Love So Sweet, We can make it!, Kitto Daijoubu, A.RA.SHI, Happiness, and Step & Go
2. NEWS - Weeek and Taiyou No Namida
3. V6 - Change my world and Honey Beat
4. Tackey & Tsubasa - X-Dame and Hot Summer

I don't like Kat-tun

9yr ago
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permalink KAT-TUN'S REAL FACE......once i listen to it...i immedaitely liked it...then i began to listen to all of kat'tun's songs...then i tried NewS, the first song i listen for NewS was taiyou no namida

9yr ago
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permalink NEWS - Weeeek
KAT-TUN - Lips
Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams Come True
V6 - Vibration

9yr ago
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permalink um....this is gonna set me rumbling through my memory...

KAT-TUN---signal (my fren told me to watch it then i got STUCK to them!!)
Arashi----Love so sweet ( is indeed sweet)
Hey say jump--your seed
V6--change the world
tackey & tsubasa --- i dun remember the name but it's a slow song they sang for inuyasha
News--summer time

9yr ago
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permalink I started being a Johnny's fan ever since I heard Hey!Say! and Bon Bon by Hey!Say!7. I first heard those songs from the anime, Love Com / Lovely Complex.

9yr ago
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permalink after i heard butterfly by kat-tun then i heard real face then i was totally hooked!!! :STbigSmile: :STbigSmile: :STbigSmile:

9yr ago
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permalink NEWS - CHERISH



6yr ago
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permalink thanxs I'm great

9yr ago
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permalink Well I got into Jpop and i stumbled onto this site about last year and i saw both Weeeek and ultra music power i like Weeek a lot but i didnt like ultra music power at all now I love both groups!

9yr ago
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permalink hmms.
the first songs would be Arashi - we can make it !
& NEWS - teppen
hahaas xDD
they make me addict-ed to their songs !

9yr ago
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permalink hurm....i can't remember actually...but so much song stucked on my head...

dreams come true - HSJ

9yr ago
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permalink I don't remember...I think it was one from KAT-TUN...maybe, Real Face? Not sure...BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I'M A JOHNNY'S FAN!!!!!!!!!! YEIIIIIIIII!

9yr ago
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permalink all of Johnny's song I lov

9yr ago
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permalink first song i listened from johnnys was LIPS by KAT-TUN
then it was taiyou no namida from NEWS

9yr ago
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permalink The first song would be Yokorobi no Uta by KAT-TUN...then i started to listen to other Johnny┬┤s as well :)

9yr ago
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permalink KAT-TUN: DUES,Keep the Faith,Peak,Shot,Lovin' U,Taboo
Arashi: Sakura Sake,Wish,Love Romance,Happiness
NEWS: Weeek,Summer Time,Teppen,Dreams,Hoshi wo Mezashite
Hey! Say! JUMP: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy,Your Seed,Dreams Come True,Tobira no Mukou
KinKi Kids: Bonnie Butterfly

9yr ago
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permalink Arashi-Sakura Sake
KAT-TUN-Keep the Faith
Hey Say Jump-Your Seed

9yr ago
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permalink for me the first songs were KAT-TUN's precious one and NEWS's I.Z.A.N.A.I.Z.U.K.I
I.Z.A.N.A.I.Z.U.K.I SOUNDED SO AWESOME!!!!and precious one just made my heart stop
the lyrics for precious one are so nice :lovec:

9yr ago
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permalink NEWS---- I cant decide what but the first song that I heard was TEPPEN.. Very cheerful song :D :D :D :D :D
Kanjani8---- Sukiyanen Osaka (I don't know if its the rite title :lol: :lol: :lol: )
Arashi---- Kotoba yorimo Taisetsuna Mono
TOKIO---- Sorafune

9yr ago
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Quote by Aomari
Arashi - Love so sweet

ARGH! this was the song that caught me too and not because i liked it but because i kept hearing it SO much that i grew to like it haha!

9yr ago
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permalink arashi - love so sweet

it's a sweet song! :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink yeh, i guess! but 'we can make it' and 'happiness' are muuuuuuch better! ;)

9yr ago
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permalink ;D i think it was kattun's you haha its stuck fur immer in meine head.

9yr ago
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permalink hmmm...
my first je song was actually v6's change the world, but i didn't knew anything abot je back then and i didn't hear any more of them xDDDD

then, years later, i wached nobuta wo produce and heard seishun amigo ^^ and i loved it <3
then i heard real face!
and daite senorita!
and arashi's wish <3

i guess those were the songs that influenced my life to become a JE fan xDDD

9yr ago
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permalink Oh I didn't realize v6 is one of JE...well I first heard the song Change the World...

Arashi...Wish (Hana Yori Dango 1)

KAT-TUN...Harukana the Kaizokuban concert...

9yr ago
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permalink The first Johnny song i think i listened to was Real Face by Kat-tun :)
But now im a big fan of arashi!! :RBheart:
I love Truth!

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