Guys, let me ask you this.

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3yr ago
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permalink When you are dating a girl, and everytime you go to a cafe, a cinema or anywhere else, the girl preffers to pay for herself, doesn't let you to pay for her, what are your thoughts on this?

3yr ago
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permalink just wanted to throw this in there, but as a girl, I wouldn't put up much of a fuss, and let the guy pay for me. Lol

3yr ago
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permalink Well if she wants to pay every once in a while there's nothing wrong with that~ In fact it makes more sense for the couple to take turns paying for dates so no one is paying for everything~

3yr ago
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permalink Thanks for the reply! :D Me and my friend were puzzled thinking that guys can misunderstand that or something.

3yr ago
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permalink I guess that the guys that refuse it surpass the gentleman line and achieve the old fashioned stubborn guy mark. Personaly i prefer either if the amount is paid by the two or turns paying.
Plus, who doesn't like to have free stuff everynow and then? Or who doesn't like to pay something for their special someone occasionally?

3yr ago
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permalink I agree that couples should take turns in paying~ but if one of them really wants to pay for themselves then that's completely fine

3yr ago
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permalink I wouldn't really mind if she could fend for herself ;)

3yr ago
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permalink I think if she wants to pay sometimes the guy should let her

3yr ago
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permalink I think both people should pay an even amount, unless one of them makes more money

3yr ago
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permalink It's an equality thing. I mean, I'd feel bad if he paid all the time. I should pay too is what I'm thinking. It's not right if my lover pays everything and I don't contribute.

3yr ago
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permalink Well I wouldn't have a problem with that~ as long as both people in the relationship pays roughly the same amount. It should be that way and it should stay that way in a healthy relationship. Normally what we do is to split the bill evenly so we wouldn't have arguments on who paid more and whatnot.

3yr ago
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permalink I am definitely like that. I am prefer to paid everything on my own money. Haha sorry... in my own opinion, I don't think its wrong. I just don't want to depends to other people unless I have to.

3yr ago
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permalink when girls pay it usually mean that they don't need you any more.. Other than that i don't have any idea. May be they feel like they are depending on you too much.

2yr ago
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permalink A guy who paid for their girl is considered as being gentleman while a girl who paid for herself is considered independent. There should be give and take you know. It's good to see a girl who paid for themselves. Sometimes try to paid for the guy's. it's kind of sweet and make both of you feels appreciated by each other.

But if each time the guy's trying to paid for you and you decline, it might be quite rude and might hurt the guys feelings so once in a while just let the guy's paid if he wanted to.

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