Fangirl problem: getting low grades Bcuz of...

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6yr ago
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permalink Fangirl problem: getting low grades Bcuz of...?

6yr ago
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permalink never really had this problem because of fan girling XD but i've had low grades for lots of other reasons!

6yr ago
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permalink becuse of infinite :( LOL

6yr ago
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permalink hahahaa I agree on this!! we cant help its addicting!! no shame no game!! ;)

6yr ago
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permalink All my favourite celebrities will be regulars on variety shows and I spend all day watching them (> <)

5yr ago
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permalink never face this.. cause their song makes me moves forward and not regrading my grades

5yr ago
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permalink i don't have this problem,never

5yr ago
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permalink I can listen to music while studying but I pay more attention to the music instead of my book.

5yr ago
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permalink I don't really blame Kpop or anything relating to it for bad grades.. but I can't help it if M/V, concerts, shows, and Kdramas keep my attention better than my text books and homework..

5yr ago
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permalink it's how you balance your time on such things.. :)

5yr ago
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permalink as for me, i watched dramas in the evening till 11pm. then i wake up early as 3.30am to study..

5yr ago
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permalink Mostly because of turning my attention to the PVs I watch. ><''

5yr ago
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permalink I don't really have this problem because I don't think I had bad grades, but my sister do have bad grades because of Running Man lol. She keeps on watching Running Man while studying and has the nerve to ask why is her grade didn't improve.

3yr ago
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permalink My grades suck because I'm the definition of procrastination. But during exams and assignments I make a lot of clever links to songs or idols or memes or puns lmao

2yr ago
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permalink Losing sleep due to staying up late watching music videos and anime..I mean, I still get A- and B's but I consider those barely passing :p

2yr ago
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permalink because i procrastinate and get distracted a lot.
and because yamada ryosuke is so perf lol

2yr ago
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permalink I've had this problem of discovering groups and stanning them during finals week. It's a different group every time.

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