Ever had you nationality mistaken?

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4yr ago · 1,344 jpops
I have countlessly been mistaken for other nationalities (most commonly Turkish or Greek) so I was wondering, has anyone else has had their nationality mistaken?

4yr ago · 1,344 jpops
btw im Lebanese (mostly)

4yr ago · 19 jpops
People often say that I look Chinese, Hawaiian, Singaporean etc :)
I'm actually Japanese~ haha

4yr ago · 4,949 jpops
Yeah I have a few time. Because of the area I work and I'm dark skinned people always think I'm Haitian and start speaking French or Creole to me. But really I'm Jamaican.

4yr ago · 475 jpops
lmfaooooooo that's awesome !

4yr ago · 912 jpops
I'm caucasian, and I'm not mistaken for that. But, I am Australian, and everywhere I've gone in the world I have been mistaken for an American. >.< I can't stand it.
It can't be helped though because you can't really distinguish between a white person from America, Australia, UK, Canada etc without hearing them talk.

4yr ago · 272,454 jpops
Usually I get mistaken for an Australian but only by foreigners. When I say I am from New Zealand some people haven't even heard of it

4yr ago · 557 jpops
Im Philipino/Swedish but I always get misstaken for Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc....

4yr ago · 162 jpops
Yes. I am Native American, but there are times that I have been mistaken for someone of Hispanic origin. Mainly because of my tanned complexion plus my dark hair and eyes. Also, to most foreigners when I state what ethnicity I am, they will assume that I am just saying I am native to America (which in a sense, I am) or when I use the American term "Indian", they will automatically believe I have some sort of blood relation to someone from India.

At first, I didn't think it was that complicated, but after I met my foreign exchange partner, I had to re-think the way I described my origins. America is a mixture of many cultures, so I can see how it can be difficult.

4yr ago · 1,980,354 jpops
Ahh, a couple of kids wondered what nationality I actually were once. Since I got brown/green eyes and dyed brown hair they thought I was a foreigner for some reason. (basically because I wasn't blonde, blue eyed and dumb).

4yr ago · 179,342 jpops
i dont know how many times already i've been told by people esp when they met me for the first time, they thought i came from India (Indian), when i said i'm pure Indonesian , they didnt believe it at first time until i showed them my parents pic :( even some people said maybe my parents took wrong baby home, lol

4yr ago · 81,098 jpops
Yep. Mistaken for Jamaican (common problem since I live in Jamaica) but Im actually American. :3

4yr ago · 9,855 jpops
I get mistaken for a Chinese or American...
But I'm Australian/ Vietnamese who changes accents from American to British XD

4yr ago · 378,503 jpops
Yes I once had someone think I was a Canadian. I said I am an American. I am armed to the teeth. My bacon is bacon and not ham.

So I shot him in the leg. He will not make that mistake again.

4yr ago · 2,278 jpops
I am Canadian Chinese but i've been mistaken for Korean, mix and native american LOL

4yr ago · 378,503 jpops
Thank you I am to make people laugh. I only shot him to wound. I just wanted him to learn the difference between Canucs and Yanks

4yr ago · 437 jpops
I'm Cambodian and White but I get mistaken all the time >.<. I've been mistaken as being Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Indian, Spanish, Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, and many more haha :D

4yr ago · 24,510 jpops
Nope, not before. I guess it's because I'm a white girl in America XD

4yr ago · 76,941 jpops
ive been mistaken for japanese and korean

4yr ago · 3,884 jpops
Usually mistaken as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.. but I dnt think i do cos my skin isn't as light and my nose is flat xD
<<<---observe my pic.
I'm 100% Filipino btw. >u<

4yr ago · 1,980,354 jpops
You do look Japanese though XD At least in that pic :3

4yr ago · 3,884 jpops
Oh really? Tnx :3 maybe it's cos of the lighting in my room! My skin is usually pink-ish light -_-

4yr ago · 32,649 jpops
LOL. When I went to HK, some random Chinese nationals would just come up to me to ask something or whatever...I've been mistaken as Chinese (maybe because of my facial features) but I'm actually Filipino.

4yr ago · 2,342 jpops
yes because of my surname
i thought i'm half american
but i'm 100% filipino :D

4yr ago · 4,898 jpops
Yeah, but only once :D Somebody thought I was Canadian, though I'm actually Norwegian xD

4yr ago · 13,319 jpops
im greek by both parents and when i was abroad i was mistaken for french or dannish. and once someone asked me if i were a slav. dunno what that means, since i think people dont look alike in a whole country, i don't like stereotypes. everyone has different characteristics and colors. :D

4yr ago · 179,599 jpops
i am half french and half german, but my accent is a mix of both, so it sounds really weird. coz of my accent, i get mistaken for and american, an italian, an irish, an english and a scottish. some ppl have trouble understanding me coz there are alot of english words i cant pronounce... even tho i am aussie born lol

4yr ago · 13,893 jpops
I always get mixed up for an American person or Canadian :p although I am Sauid/Syrian

4yr ago · 1,498 jpops
People have mistaken me to be Indian or mixed with Asian roots. I'm actually African American, though, I can kind of see some resemblance. My skin is brownish bronze and my eyes are sort of shaped like most people of Asian decent. It's a compliment! ^_^

4yr ago · 77 jpops
I'm a Chinese-Indonesian but people always say that i look like a Japanese .. -_-

4yr ago · 137 jpops
LOL I had a group of Mexican friends who thought I was Mexican for a whole year, one day I told them I was white and they where in shock and stopped talking to me :| that was back in middle school long ago. haha

4yr ago · 22,474 jpops
I'm Chinese, so I usually get mixed with other asian races.

4yr ago · 18,936 jpops
Mistaken as Japanese or Vietnamese; and Korean once....but I'm actually Chinese born in Canada.

4yr ago · 454 jpops
gets mistaken as Dodo Bird and end up in cages, or animal control

4yr ago · 1,240 jpops
I've been mistaken as a Korean many times, locally and overseas. I was born and raised in the Philippines. My ethnicity is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Malay (Filipino).

4yr ago · 10 jpops
I been mistaken for half-korean... -.- I'm full Japanese o.0 How I look half??

4yr ago · 10 jpops
Ah... I mean I'm misteken for half-korean half-american....

4yr ago · 378,503 jpops
I was once mistaken for Mexican. Until the person heard me speak Spanish. The confusion did not last long. In fact they called me by a new name Gringo. I think it mean we love Americans. Well at least that is what I tell myself.

4yr ago · 9,449 jpops
[i]im full chinese but a lot of people think i am japanese...its not a big difference but a lot of people think that i am relate to a lot of other asians[/i]

4yr ago · 475 jpops
Ahahah I once went to tunisia for vacation and well I've been made from several countries except mine LOL

4yr ago · 18,679 jpops
yes... I'm Singaporean Chinese and ever mistakenly as Japanese

4yr ago · 29,134 jpops
I'm 75% Vietnamese and 25% Chinese, but people have think I'm Japanese before >.<

4yr ago · 114 jpops
someone thought i was Japanese when im white (i dont know how that was possible)

4yr ago · 614 jpops
I'm eNglish, but I often get mistaken for being Spanish/Italian or some other mainland European nationality. I think it's because of my skin tone, eye colour and hair colour... hmm.. ^_^'

4yr ago · 32,743 jpops
not my nationality.. mostly my ethnicity

4yr ago · 378,503 jpops
SOmeone asked me if I was part Chinese. Odd I never thought of myself as looking CHinese

4yr ago · 64,716 jpops
Most people don't like to guess my race, I'm half Puerto Rican and half African-American but I'm mostly mistaken as an Asian Indian....this one dude kept asking me if I was a Hindu no matter how many times I told him I'm not Indian because he kept forgetting...

4yr ago · 54,780 jpops
It's not my nationality that gets mistaken, but my ethnicity.

I'm Vietnamese, but I get mistaken as Chinese and Korean often. Even by Chinese and Korean people and sometimes they'll just come up to me and start speaking Mandarin/Cantonese or Korean and I'm just like... "Uhhh...I'm sorry." Guess I don't look like the "standard" Vietnamese girl.

4yr ago · 138 jpops
Yup I'm Mexican , but sometimes people told me that I look like an indian girl.. because of the color of my skin, it isnt a big deal for me , there are a lot of cute indian girls out there : 3

4yr ago · 3,100 jpops
omg they mistake me for american, i dont even have my skin light its kinda tanned a bit I'm 100% mexican and proud

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