Do you like strepless beaded dresses?

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4yr ago
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permalink I really really like this dress, i want it for my formal
if you have a favourite strepless beaded dress feel free to put them up:D
also you can post up any dresses that you would like to wear.

4yr ago
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permalink Is the photo of the dress in the topic's little image? Can't really see it well enough, can you link it in the post?

4yr ago
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permalink it's nice :)

4yr ago
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permalink I like the dress in the photo but I would never be able to wear it

2yr ago
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permalink the dress looks nice but i don't really wear strapless things lol

2yr ago
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permalink The dress looks good. :moved:

2yr ago
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permalink I had bought a similar dress for my panther with some Wholesale fashion sunglasses from an online store and some funky jewellery from a local store.

2yr ago
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permalink Some vk onnagatas rock them but most of the time strapless dresses are not so pretty in my opinion.. -3-

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