Do you have a story about a favorite teacher or one that you hate? Please Share.

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Do you have a story about a favorite teacher or one that you hate? Please Share.

Also if you have thoughts about the 1984 Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams Movie put that here as well. Remember Judd Hirsch was in that one as well.

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I use to have a teacher that literally breathe fire at all of her students. She ruined 6th grade for so many children. She made so many cry...ugh! She then had a baby and BAM! She was nice. I feel as though the child drained the evil out of her. OMG! I hope that child isn't evil!

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My juggling teacher was ten years old. He was rather good.

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I had this really mean science teacher in 7th grade and if the grade on the tests or quizzes were bad she would read off all our grades but she wouldnt tell whose grade it was. Bad part was... we sat in alphabetically order and she would tell us if she was starting at the top of this list or the bottom of this list. So basically we all knew whose grade was who without her telling us.

On the other hand... I had this teacher my senior year... XD... the whole class was failing her tests so she decided we would no longer have tests and just have group work everyday... and wouldnt you know it... everyone made a A in that class. LOL

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that is ashame I loved my seventh grade science teacher

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I really loved my 6th grade teacher. He was one of those teachers that were really cool and relaxed and was easy to talk to. If you got a high B in his class, he would bump it up to an A. I got straight As in his class :D

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i have had so many teachers over the years, but the most memorable one was my year 10 drama teacher. before she became my teacher, i was extremely shy, but she got me out of my shell. the whole class was really sad when drama ended for us coz it was cancelled the next year.

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My favorite teacher was my 10th grade english teacher. We had to do this HUGE project for his class, but that is what got me into writing poetry and short stories in the first place. :) His love for his work was awesome.

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As for me I really idolize one of my University Professor... He's so smart~~ He'll just come inside the room without anything..... He'll be getting the marker from the table and start discussing.. It's as if he memorized everything~~~ He's really good!!! He's like a walking Medical-Surgical Nursing Book~~~ :D

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Edge of a Dream by Joe Crocker

This is from the movie teachers

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Well, I admire all my teachers.. They are just so awesome...
But there Is one teacher who made me more active and interested in class.. It was my social science teacher... I love listening to his thoughts, comments, and jokes... He is good in making the whole class laugh.... I really love social sciences.. Hehe..
Now that I just graduated from high school, I will surely miss all my teachers in the HS... XD
But I am very thankful to them all... :)

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I love all my teachers ... They all awesome ! But the favorite is my standard grade English teacher. ^^ I like him because he love to teach us using song. So, I make me more understand. :) Although he always make surprise quiz . Haha.He also my coach when I enter sport. He loves to make a joke. >.<
Now I'm in high school, I miss them all. :)

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well it nice to see that so many people have such a positive view of their teachers.

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I didn't have any great teacher. :(
I never had friendship with any teacher.
I'm a little indifferent to this, and they didn't like so much me. It's a shame.

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That is a shame.

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i just have some teachers that have a good relationship with.. and some are just ignoring me... but i love all my teachers cause they already teach me what ever i need to know...^^

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I had a really mean 2nd grade teacher... for like 2 days. I don't even remember her name it was that short. But then she had some kind of illness and quit. So, maybe she was mean because she was sick; I don't know what ever happened to her. After that we had a long-term sub for a few weeks. She had been a really nice sub in 1st grade, but now that she was our long-term sub, suddenly she was kind of mean too. =( But then, she was gone, and we all got an amazingly creative and fun teacher. I feel kinda mean to say good riddance to a teacher who may have just been mean because she was really ill, but yeah, good riddance, the new teacher was ssssoooo much better.

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I've had really amazing teachers in my life but the ones that really made a difference to me were my English teachers. In fifth grade, I had an extremely eccentric but awesome teacher that really encouraged my passion for language and writing. My high school english teacher blows my mind away as well. She's extremely dedicated and teaches in such a way that you never have to learn for a test again because you can take anything someone throws at you. My school rocks :)

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An Exceptional Educator

Few years ago while I was reading a book of quotations for teachers and educators, I came across this line: “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides your homework.” And that line reminded me of one of my favorite teachers.

My favorite teacher does her work well, she doesn’t just instruct us to do this and that or order us to go here and there, and she’s definitely not the kind of teacher who gives you “flat one or A+” at the end of the semester. She is someone who teaches discipline, responsibility, and punctuality. She is not popular because she keeps a very low-profile and she is absolutely not popular among the slacking students but she is a REAL TEACHER.

Fear and excitement; that what I felt the first time I entered the class of Dr. Corazon G. Soberano in 2002. I felt fear not because she looked menacing but rather, upon seeing her, I really felt the air of authority. Although she hadn’t said anything yet, in fact, she was just sitting in front of the class waiting for all the students to come in. Excitement because I was so interested to know the feeling of having a doctor as your teacher. And I was also curious to know whether the rumor was true or not.

Well, I’d been hearing that if your teacher is an elderly and at the same time a doctor you would be experiencing unbearable hardships because these teachers expect a lot from their students and they are famous for horrifying their students. Those were just a few of the unpleasant rumors that I heard from a lot of people just because they already experienced having a teacher with PhDs. But, anyway, those people disappointed me because I proved them wrong. Not all teachers are like that and Dr. Soberano is one of the exceptions.

She is not an average teacher; she is so much more than that. Lots of students are really scared of her and she already has a reputation for being a very strict teacher and it may be true. She scolds her students every now and then (but who doesn’t?!) but she doesn’t do it out of whim, when she scolds her pupils it only means that her kids did something wrong and these are what she hates the most:

(1) coming to school without pen (or pencil), and paper,
(2) coming to class without your book, notes and handouts, and most especially
(3) coming to classroom without your research and homework/s.

If you don’t have them, I firmly suggest that you skip the class or else, she would just send you out. But just because she is strict, I don’t think that she is very authoritarian or very much up-tight. And just because the she is strict it doesn’t mean she is tyrannical. Honestly, she is just well-disciplined and that is one of the things that I learned from her. I remember, if she hadn’t imposed discipline inside the class I really doubt if all of us would be able to submit our research on time. And knowing my classmates/friends too well, we are quite fond of procrastination. So I am very grateful and I will always be thankful that she taught us the value and importance of discipline because without learning how to be disciplined one would never discover the importance of responsibility.

Ma’am Cora showed us how to be responsible by training us how to discipline ourselves, to be always on time (Oh, and one more thing, she hates late comers too.) and to be responsible and she taught and showed them all together in just one semester. A semester is not enough but even within a limited span of time, we all learned a lot from her. Actually, she does not need to speak or teach us inside the classroom, I can just simply sit and watch her, and then I will certainly acquire and learn from her. That is why she is an exceptional teacher, because just by simply observing what she does, it feels like she’s already sharing her knowledge and wisdom. So everytime we leave the room, we always have something to think about, something to contemplate upon (other than our assignments, of course) like, how to be like her, how to be a REAL teacher. And I have to admit that I still haven’t mastered the art of being a well-discipline, being a responsible, and being a punctual person. I know I still have a very long way to go but I am not that scared anymore because everytime I doubt myself, all I have to do is think of those traits that she inconspicuously taught us and I believe that it will definitely help me achieve my goal and that is to be a REAL teacher.

* * *This was written 3 years ago. Also included in my journal. * * *

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i just became a teacher after graduation...i hope i nv see my name here :)

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Kai I am hurt. But if you posted in here is you name not here. And where are you teaching? I promise not to find you students on Facebook and tell them to find you here.

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It is glad to know that most of you liked a teacher now and then…

I am ateacher and this made me happy to see…

My students say they like me and that I am easy to talk to and that I am there if they ever needed anything…

I have loved all my students and there have been rough ones that always wanted to fight and get into some kind of trouble for no god reason but I stuck by them … it is like the drama Gokusen for me everyday without me actually fist fighting,
Hand to hand combat no way …

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The most important thing i have ever learned from a teacher was which end of the juggling sword to catch. It is very useful information if you are in the business. Otherwise not so much.

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I dislike my history teacher. She gets on my nervous. I don't think she likes me either. But I do like my math teacher. :)

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I miss my Math's teacher, he is very good teacher forever.
i'm not really good in math before but after he teachs me, I become a top student in my class.
-last year-

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I think all of my teachers are annoying >.<

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i'm a teacher and i try to be a good one but not all the students like us for any reason someone always shows rejection... that's sad for me... *_*

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i hate my arabic teacher

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I like and dislike some of my teachers. I like my physics teach was a fun guy

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i hate my biology teacher when i was in's kinda boring and no atmosphere on it ^^ ^^

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I had some interesting teachers that even when I did fail a class I still enjoyed being there :D

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I feel like...every person I meet is kind of a teacher to me in someway. I always learn something new from...well everyone! Even my daughter teaches me something everyday..

Mr. Dalton is one of the most influential teacher I have ever had in my life. He was my choir director in high school. Sadly he passed away before I ever really was able to thank him for what he did for me. He helped me make a change in my life and change for the better. Without him I don't think I would be where I am today.

I was an awkward kid growing up. I went to a private school, from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Elementary was not the most enjoyable time of my life, but it was still quite an experience. I didn't have many friends that were girls. They all thought I was weird. So I ended up befriending a lot of the guys because they didn't judge as much. Regardless that awkwardness started to fade in the later years, but I was still somewhat shy and had no confidence in high school.

Mr. Dalton helped change my life.

My cousin was in choir. And she loved it. She suggested I try out.. I was scared out of my wits. Especially when I had to sing in front of Mr. Dalton. I was nervous. But he told me I could do it. He told me to go outside. Take a breath come in and sing. And I did. And sure enough I was an alto 2 in my high school's choir.

I was able to perform in Carnegie Hall twice, which was an awesome experience. I loved it. I would never trade it for anything in my life.

Mr. Dalton gave me the confidence that I needed. He showed me that I had nothing to fear. That I should try and work to succeed.

I miss him dearly. I hope he knows how much I appreciate everything he did. I don't think I would ever joined the military if it wasn't for him. Who knows? Regardless, I am so thankful that he was a part of my life.

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well my math teacher sucked. I studied civics and she was normally a teacher for the "more gifted" children who studied physics and chemestry and so on. and on her first day she told us how studied we where because we didn't take so much math and was on a lower course then HER gifted and good kids. we where a bunch of idiots who she didn't want to spend her time with.

when she tried to explained something she jumped over some things so we didn't understand and then she told us to shut up and that we where the biggest bunch of idiots she had ever known and there was nothing for us in life and that we all could just go and kill our self because HER student where so much better then us...

on her third class is was like 12 degrees in the classroom and we where not allowed to have class if it was under 18 degrees but she told us to shut up and if we where cold to get our coats. If it sad on the scheduled it was class, she should have class no mater if we froze to death or not... well I told her exactly what I thought about her, her teaching technique (or lack of it) and so on! I did thing in front off the hole class and a lot of the school and then I took my books and left and I didn't put my foot in another math class EVER AGAIN!

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my teachers are interesting... my math teacher is korean. and she also used to work in a church in uzbekistan. then my language arts teacher used to live on a farm.. O.o my science teacher used to be a professional scuba diver and my history teacher used to teach in Italy. XD

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i like my english teachers.. theyre jolly and friendly in & out the campus :D

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My English teacher annoyed me so much. She kept marking my good friend up even when she didn't deserve it.

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my dental teacher was awesome :moved: she was so awesome and a great teacher :D both of them were i mean all 3 of them were :D i didn't like any of my english teacher in college >_<

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I loved my 3rd grade teacher~ She always made learning fun and her class as well. She would put us into groups and have a contest on which group got the most tickets from answering questions or if we deserved them for being good, and the group with the most got a pizza party at the park. On Wednesdays we had a day called "Wheels Wednesday", which means, you can bring anything that has wheels and we would go to the park to ride them~ On Fridays we had "Fun Friday" which usually consisted us of drawing on the sidewalk in our school with chalk. Either a "Fun" Friday or a bad Friday because sometimes we had to clean because our class was bad, but we had fun afterwards~ :D

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well, all my teachers now are stupid xD except my music teacher :D

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Hmm, my english teacher that I have this year has been my worst teacher.
But nevermind that, I think you all would enjoy watching this. :D

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i love my teachers especially in math

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i like some of my teachers

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When I was in ninth grade, I had a math teacher who was a bit okay... at first.

Then there's this incident that happened and I was involved though I wasn't the one at fault. She started keeping her distance from me and every time I talk to her I just feel her sarcasm and the vibe that she doesn't wanna talk to me. Since then, my whole perception of her changed.

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Here's a story that I think any immature guy would like:

It was senior year high school. We've done the entrance exams and we were very excited about graduating from high school. After we're free from being trapped in school for the last 13 God-forsaken years we have a muck-up day, of course.

And this particular muck-up day involved the guys lining up to draw out a... phallic shape for lack of a more euphemistic term. Then we starting running through the 'shaft' one by one to represent... that. What's crazy is that one of the teachers joined in the fun! And it happened to be one of the most popular teachers at our school :O

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missing my old economic teacher he's quite the "tough guy" type but very funny he'd be the only one to throw chalks at me, hit my head with a book when spacing out :') but he's also the only one who would let me push him when he starts to piss me off lol

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