Do you hate studying?

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7yr ago
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permalink omg i hate studying it's boring, it takes so much of your time and it gets on my nervs when i have a test week and it makes me grazy :([edit]Last edit by ananasana on Tuesday 30 Nov, 2010 at 13:03 +11.3%[/edit]

7yr ago
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permalink kinda.^^

7yr ago
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permalink When i had to study... like for school(thank god i've graduated) then yes i hated it, because i am not interested in school's subjects.. Everything school wanted me to learn was so boring and not cool.
But there are other things like studying japanese and i don't hate it at all. In fact i love it, the only bad thing is that i can't memorize that easy.

7yr ago
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permalink I like studying, it uses up my time, and it will help me get a better future(hopefully.)

7yr ago
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permalink I don't mind studying if the subject is something I like, other wise it is a pain.

7yr ago
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permalink I love studying for Maths and Biology but I absolutely hate studying for French, German and Spanish

7yr ago
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permalink It all depends on if im in the mood to do really good in a class.

7yr ago
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permalink LOL...i noe study is gud for us but then... sumtimes it is juz too boring for me... i cant face a book for one hour but i can facebook for hours XD
erm but then ppl been saying tat it helps in ur future so no choice have to dig myself into the books... >.<

7yr ago
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permalink sometimes i hate studying,especially when there are lots of work to i need to think a problem for my rsearch and work up on my project in Phil.literature.i hate studying sometimes because i think im going to be crazy soon.

7yr ago
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permalink Studying is like a game, you hate it if you're losing and love it if you're winning - or at least that's how it is for me.

7yr ago
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permalink I hate to start studying, but once I'm into it, I find it good, even enjoyable sometimes. The problem comes in actually starting it.
< Procrastinator Extraordinaire.

7yr ago
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permalink I can take a test, not study for it, and get a good grade. But if I don't know the material and I need a good grade for the class, I'll study a little bit.

7yr ago
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permalink Yeah, I don't like studying, especially if it's for a subject that I don't like. :RBcrying: But I do think that studying is good for you. :) It prepares you for a test or for a homework assignment. :nod:

7yr ago
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permalink I've never studied before :RBfrown: Its really boring for me and I can't concentrate because I can't do it. However, I can remember some things if I try really hard to.

7yr ago
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permalink I do not like it at all. :RBcrying:

I have a Geometry II test tomorrow. I understand most of it, but the rest of it... bleh. I'll study at lunch. ;) I don't usually procrastinate like that, but it's almost Holiday Break, and the school has a talent show tomorrow. Other things are on my mind! :RBohNo:

But, I find that studying with low-volume music in a wide space helps. Also eating grapes and drinking hot cocoa. :D

7yr ago
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permalink I LOVE studying
for those people who want to get better marks than i do - you can forget about it, I double dare you to be as good as I am. want to bet, pansies? bring it on! :RBhot:

7yr ago
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permalink i don't like studying,
but i have to study for my parents and my future :rock:
and for living in JAPAN :STbigSmile:
but i enjoy it when i get good scores :whistle:

7yr ago
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permalink yeah,, ihate studiying...
so boored

7yr ago
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permalink Of course I hate studying, that's why I am hanging around here, in stead of studying for my exam tomorrow. (ah come on, I need to know about everything about the US and the UK, while I actually Major in Japan... I do minor in "translating English to Dutch though")

Well, I don't really hate it, but neither do I like it. I rather spent my time differently. But well, just another semester and I'll be done! (if everything goes well)

7yr ago
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permalink Yes cause i can never concetrate

7yr ago
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permalink yeeah.. im EASILY distracted...:no: probably why i got bad grades :boogie: :boogie:

7yr ago
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permalink I think everyone hates studying, because it's boring and you need a lot of concentration. I take many breaks when I have to study for a test or something. And I always try to encourage myself to continue with little rewards to myself. :D

7yr ago
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permalink i freaking hate STUDYING!

7yr ago
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permalink I wouldn't say that I hate it...but it's not my favorite thing to do.

7yr ago
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permalink Hell yeah.. sometimes i hate studyin which makes my head spin around.. but i like studyin things tht i like.. LOL...

7yr ago
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permalink I actually love it and school. I'm working and going to school full time, but if I could make a career out of going to school.... I would. :) I just love learning. call me a nerd. I know I am.

7yr ago
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permalink I'm split between yes and no xP

I HATE STUDYING THINGS I DISLIKE...for example...English...which i am studying right now...because I have an oral commentary tomorrow...=.=
and i also HATE studying history...and government..

Others such as music theory, sciences, math...sometimes i don't even consider it studying/'s just learning something new :P
if i like something...i'll learn it at my own will...such as Korean or Japanese...I REALLY want to learn them! :D

7yr ago
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permalink Gosh, studying is such a turn off. Hearing/seeing the word makes me wanna burn my books...

7yr ago
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permalink yes, i hate studying! and doing my homeworks!
it's so boring!!!
sometimes i study if i'm in the right mood but not at math, romana (my language, i'm from Romania), english ( i never study for it but i always get an A+).i usually study for history and geografy sometimes.
and i HATE geometry, it's like i'm reading chinese

7yr ago
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permalink @iHeartKpop You compare studying Geometry to reading Chinese. I actually
have a Chinese test tomorrow. T_T Would be nice if I can get A+ for English too(I never get A in anything other than Sciences!).

It's a love-hate situation here. I like studying(at least I'm ok with studying things that are actually true), well...sort of. BUT, I hate it when I have to study things like Social Studies which is entirely made up of propaganda. Seriously, every single paragraph in the textbook sings praises to the country! Urgh. I'm so burning the textbook after I graduate. No, after my O levels. No, immediately after I step out of the Exam hall.

Yeah, but studying's good for us(just tell yourself that everyday and maybe you'll believe it one day)...

7yr ago
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permalink i dislike studying a lot
but i really enjoy knowing stuff. cus it makes me feel like i'm actually worth something (instead of being, u noe, a social retard who is horrible at everything she does)
like, out of the many talents one can possibly have, mine is memorizing stuff. so y not use that to my advantage? XD

7yr ago
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permalink It's not something I'd prefer to do that much XD But yeah I guess it's okay - as long as it's not the subjects I hate cuz then it's soooooo boring -.- but oh well, gotta endure it and do my best haha. Studying can be fun at times too (hereby if the subject is interesting to you of course) - esspecially if you get good grades and all :P

7yr ago
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permalink i hate studying ><"

7yr ago
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permalink I hate [i]STUDYING[/i]!!!
To the ends of this earth, no lie. I love listening to music and relaxing but
studying takes so much out of that free time. I usually just don't do it. Get the grade I get you know?

7yr ago
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permalink I hate it, unless its on somthing interesting... But it never is.

7yr ago
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permalink yes, most definitely -_- BUT with studying it does help you a lot in school :O plus, I'm kinda forced to study now anyways so... I'm kinda getting used to it lol

7yr ago
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permalink I think I'm the only one here... I <3 STUDYING!!!

What I hate is school... waking up early, having to socialize with people you don't give a damn about, doing projects you don't even like :(

7yr ago
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permalink Uh I really hate studying, doing coursework is jut a pain, cos you get up early to go somewhere you hate then spend hours after school finishing deadlines then when you get home....HOMEWORK

So yeah I HATE studying

7yr ago
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permalink I mostly hate it. I'm at college, studying English Language & Literature. Some subjects are Ok, like literature (I'm having a course about Renaissance this term, it's really interesting) or modern english... but others, like phonology or pedagogy that I had last term are really terrible (endlessly boring and time-consuming).

7yr ago
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permalink I don't study XD. i have trouble concentrating but I still make good grades.

7yr ago
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permalink luv 2 stUdy . . .

But i hAte hOmEwoRk . . .
TelL mE iF yOu're nOt sTudy u wiLl bE caLleD sTupid , Moron , iDiot oR mYbe dUmbaSs . . .

wHo wAnt tHat tiTle nO oNe riGht . . .

Hav nO cHoicE uNlesS stUdy . . .

7yr ago
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permalink studying? what is this word you speak of mwahahahahhahahaha

7yr ago
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permalink at one part yes.... but on teh other hand no cuz when u study what u like opr what u understand, everything seems soo easy.. i love Computer science. and soo far all the test i was the 3rd in my calss.. when i study about computer science.. i told my self that this is the subject that i like and iw anna get a good mark aabout it.. lol

I hate physics.. so yeah... i onlu got 58 makrs... lol

7yr ago
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permalink It sucks in college cause you have to study

7yr ago
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permalink YES
but only at school XD (because you can't decide what you want to learn)
I like studying different languages *.* (but not too much literature xx)
and things about nature, animals, some chemistry things, and some random things
i like maths as well but only when i'm in mood <_<

7yr ago
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permalink studying at school makes me D I E

7yr ago
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permalink ^ YES!!! its like Student + dying ..T^T and i always get lazy of it..
sometimes.. i get sleepy by just looking at numbers and formulas..T^T

7yr ago
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permalink i don't really hate it, but being in law school when you don't really want to be a lawyer makes it a torture sometimes...

7yr ago
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permalink i actually dont mind studying ...cause il be listening to music at the same time XD ... i enjoy studying cause of learning new things! ...

and ... its better than working at my job ... its more relaxed and you can sort of do things at your own pace when you plan your use of time efficiently :)

7yr ago
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permalink I love studying which is why I want to go back to uni and get another degree. Also I must learn new things constantly so I study languages as a hobby.

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