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7yr ago · 18,975 jpops

I think this Band deserves more Love!
Their songs are amazing: lyrics absolutely perfect, Fantastic live performances, great sounds overall!!

Show some Love People!!


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8mo ago · 204 jpops
same :D

7yr ago · 2,791 jpops
I heard all the band songs in jpopasia. I like one ok rock so much. :RBheart: :RBhalo:

4yr ago · 105 jpops
same here . . ^^

4yr ago · 9,185 jpops

7yr ago · 419,981 jpops
yea.. i just found them too XD surprisingly. they're awesome! :RBhalo: :RBheart:
love Taka's voice <3 it's very unique

4yr ago · 18,664 jpops
yeaaaah!Taka's voice it's fantastic and...I LOVE this band!

7yr ago · 191,624 jpops
I love ONE OK ROCK haha
Omygoodness and from what I've heard and seen, they are amazing live
so~ if I am ever in Japan during their tours, I will definitely find a way to go

Can't wait for their new single!!
To buy it, I mean :][edit]Last edit by aiiyka on Tuesday 12 Jan, 2010 at 21:54 +13.4%[/edit]

7yr ago · 279,301 jpops
Haha, seems like their new single has attracted quite a lot of attention xD

But that's great :D. They're a great band and deserve more recognition :)

7yr ago · 18,975 jpops
Yes They definitely deserve more recognition! I just love Taka's voice! One Ok Rock Fighting!! XD

7yr ago · 3,751 jpops
I love One Ok Rock and all their songs! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:
They are awesome! :lovec: :lovec: :lovec:

6yr ago · 1,284 jpops
I came to know them only 3 weeks ago and I'm crazy about them :D
Taka has a beautiful voice!! I love it soo much!!!
I heard only 5 songs of 'em and I think their name fits them :)
I'm addicted to them right now XD so there is no chance I'll say that I don't like something about them... :P
The world deserve such a good rock band,what we left to do is to show some LOVE :D

6yr ago · 1,098 jpops
I was always excited when I hear One Ok Rock songs.. ♫♫♫

keep rockin .. :rock: :rock: :rock:

6yr ago · 1,442 jpops
This band is the s**t! I love their music. I've been a fan since Beam Of Light came out few years ago. I'm kinda sad that Alex was kicked out cuz if that scandal.

Their new stuff blows my mind. Niche Syndrome is prolly the album i've listened to the most this year. Taka is the man!!!!!! :D
Can't wait for them to release new stuff and maybe they'll have a tour outside Japan. That'd awesome. . . .

GO One Ok Rock! ^^

6yr ago · 1,166 jpops
One Ok Rock are just AWESOME! I fell in love with them from the first sigth (song? XDD) They are just perfect for me when it comes with music *-* My favoirites songs are et cetera, liar, Yume Yume and Keep it real :D I wish them muuuuuch bigger career they deserve it! Their music makes great atmosphere I could recommend them to everyone even if they haven't heard any japanese music before XDDD I think that everybody should know them!! :O

5yr ago · 869 jpops
They really deserve more credit!! they are so freaking good, luv Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya!!!XD

5yr ago · 393 jpops
Yes! They really deserve more :( I hope that many people will realize that soon :)

5yr ago · 234 jpops
I just love one ok rock! Taka's voice is amazing! He can make it sound soft and then hard rock! Awesome!

5yr ago · 869 jpops

5yr ago · 45,194 jpops
Love this band sooooo much! They have such a different sound from other J-Rock bands, and their English is actually really good!

1yr ago · 6,174 jpops
agree with that

5yr ago · 731 jpops
<3 One OK Rock!!!
they're super rock!totally love them!! >.<
the first time i heard bout them was last year when i listen to their song's Liar.the song was freaking awesome!since then,i've fall for them~ <3 their English is actually good!

5yr ago · 3,324 jpops
They are awesome. I would like to see one of their live concert.

5yr ago · 259 jpops
^^ as would I my friend. it's a shame they don't do many T_T

5yr ago · 343 jpops
This is my favorite band! Number one on my list of music! I have only been a fan for about more than half a year, but I am in love with this band! They have such unique sound! And all of them do an awesome job on what they do! They make every song (in my opinion) AWESOME! I also am just in love with Taka's unique voice! They never disappoint me in the music they make!!!

5yr ago · 869 jpops
i know right!!!

5yr ago · 749,859 jpops
i just started to love them... 'cause they're really ROCKS!!!

5yr ago · 1,439 jpops
First J-Rock band I ever listened to for almost a year now. Fell in love with Taka and Toru <3<3<3

Can't wait for the new album now!

5yr ago · 380 jpops
I luv this band!!! I discovered them recently and I just think that they are incredible and their songs too!! <3

5yr ago · 22 jpops
Love OOR <3
I really love Taka's voice =D
Also, their lyrics are so deep and meaningful, they're beautiful ^^
So happy Zankyo Reference came out!
Will support them forever \(>u<)/

5yr ago · 24,402 jpops
i am loving their songs.. :")

5yr ago · 1,320 jpops
I think that everybody here loves them :D
So me too!!!

They are amazing. They are one of many reasons why I want to learn japanese. I mean, they're real alternative rock. That's so seldom nowaday. :D.

Love this guys :D . !!

5yr ago · 97 jpops
I'm still tryin to figure out why they aren't more popular

5yr ago · 24,402 jpops
I am super addicted to their song c.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h..... Waaaahhhh...

5yr ago · 1,320 jpops
it's aaaweeesome :D !! . mee too . I'm a biiiig addict too :)

5yr ago · 1,832 jpops
I'm a big fan of their song "Liar"

5yr ago · 381 jpops
ONE OK ROCK!! \m/ They deserve to be recognize :)) I love Taka's voice~ <3

5yr ago · 344 jpops
they're freak'in awesome!!! ; )

5yr ago · 419,981 jpops
Vote for them!! they made it into Round 2!! <3


5yr ago · 179,342 jpops
ONE OK ROCK !!! i hope u guys win... i have voted for u !!! <3 <3

5yr ago · 6,677 jpops
One OK Rock's Liar is a great song! You should really try listening to it! :D

5yr ago · 28 jpops
this is the best band in the world, and nothing else

5yr ago · 32,584 jpops
I voted for this band!!! but sadly ... the results were not in their favour :(

definately next time!!!! yosh!!!!!!!

5yr ago · 282 jpops
I love love love ONE OK ROCK and always will~

5yr ago · 1,456 jpops
I've only found ONE OK ROCK recently, but they had me hooked at the first song I heard of theirs (Keep it Real). There is this wonderful quality to their music, a type of rock that is unique to the rest of Japan (I think it resembles a certain brand of American rock more than anything, personally). And TAKA's voice.... just wow~ I love how much English they incorporate into their vocals, as well.

At the moment, my favorite songs are (from the two newest albums, anyway): Liar, Riot!, and Mr. Gendai Speaker.

5yr ago · 179,342 jpops
3rd place for BEST ROCK BAND !!!
Along with X-JAPAN & L'Arc~en~CieL (those 2 are legends in J-rock world!!!)
ONE OK ROCK will be legend j-rock band also :D

5yr ago · 192 jpops
Hajimemashite minna! ^o^

I love ONE OK ROCK too! It's been third month ONE OK ROCK being my favorite. At first I just listen their song "Et Cetera" from Youtube and I didn't see the PV, but simply I love Taka's voice! Awesome! Wonderful! It's difficult to believe that they are a Japanese rock band lol XD This band has very good quality in music... I love them more and more day by day :D

From all members, I like Tomoya very much! I don't know why, it's hard to be explained, so complicated lol! But, after I watched "Naihi Shinsho" PV, I found something like "power" from Tomoya's performance. It gives me power! Beside that, I love his killer smile, yeah, I think he is the cutest though he is the eldest lol XD but basically I love his performances, playing drums while singing as backing vocal XD

OMG, my introduction is too long lol XD

5yr ago · 310 jpops
DEFINITELY a band I want to see live at some point in my life. :)

5yr ago · 95,329 jpops
waaa...they have many songs of animes that i like..^^
really love their music.. (>_<)

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