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4yr ago
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permalink yeah, she is know for her works as the vocalist of the second generation of Girls Dead Monster...and I really love her voice and singing style...she rocks!!!
how about u, guys???

4yr ago
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permalink I looove her <3
She is pure rocking awesomeness <3 <3

4yr ago
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permalink I Love her so much!!!
She's my Idol for now and Forever!! Keep Rockin LISA!! :)

4yr ago
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permalink Hey, here in JPA it's written that LiSA was born on June 21 but on her official website it's whitten that she was born on June 24.

4yr ago
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permalink A pretty talented lady if I do say so myself, love how she collaborates for a lot of anime.

3yr ago
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permalink This Pop Rock sensation is so damn pretty.. <3

3yr ago
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permalink I love Lisa SOOOOOO much! Her vocals are amazing!

3yr ago
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permalink If i had to pick a favorite song it would be crossing field cx I know old. But i love that song!!!!!

3yr ago
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permalink She's great! Such a powerful voice as well. She can hit the high notes perfectly and also put so much power into her really low rocking voice.

3yr ago
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permalink She has such an amazing voice, so powerful

2yr ago
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permalink It's the 5th anniversary of her major label debut and she is simply the best!
let's spread some love :D

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