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8yr ago · 980 jpops
Jinkaku Radio is really a awesome band. :RBheart:
but he isn't in the list of artists andshut! :RBcrying:
Okay.. they're not well known, but certainly good! :RBhalo:

*jumps around*

Do you know Jinkaku Radio? If so, do you like them? :)

Soso, eh.. sayonara~ :RBkiss:

8yr ago · 3,350 jpops
Yes I know them! (Becuase of you :RBstickout: )

Their are really awesome yes! And Yuuki's voice ="| Like god. :RBheart:

7yr ago · 2,106 jpops
I'm posting here only because this is the last topic on the list. Bwahahahaa. Yeah -__-

Okay, Purami made me to listen Jinkaku Radio because of Yuuki's voice. I were like "Aoi's voice omfg~~~~~~ :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: Meefisshu no uta :RBheart: :RBheart: " in my blog. And Purami read it and said "you should try Jinkaku Radio" [size=9](that's where our friendship started)[/size] (omg my screen went gloomy O.o what did I press! :RBohNo: )Then I listened Shouko and yeah. Jinkaku Radio doesn't belong to the list of bands I'm listening, but I listen it a little bit sometimes. My fav song is Nejimakidori. I love it. It's kinda really powerful song. And Naoki is pretty~~

And Jinkaku Radio is now in the artist list. I added them bwahahahaa. And I added one or two vids also. Someone write the profile if noone hasn't done it yet~~~

6yr ago · 121 jpops
I love Jinkaku radio! Yuuhodou is REALLY fun to sing along to. Naoki is really pretty, I think. He reminds me of Mana-sama. Yuuki is funny. ^_^

5yr ago · 2,500 jpops
Yuuki's voice is so amazing <3 I love their songs Taiyou and Kirifuda! You can watch episodes of their reality tv show here

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