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High-Five Of Teenagers

Often credited to be the forerunners of the "idol group" trend in the Korean music industry, H.O.T. successfully turned mainstream Korean music into music for the younger generation. Made up of five teenagers (at the time of their debut), they were formed to specifically target teenagers, hence their name "High-five Of Teenagers" (acronym H.O.T.). H.O.T. disbanded in May 2001. As H.O.T. neared the end of their contracts with SM Entertainment, it was rumored that financial issues caused the group to split. Three members (An, Jang and Lee) received royalties equivalent of 1 cent for each copy of their album sold, meaning that each of them would earn roughly $10,000 for selling a million copies of their album.

Name: Moon Hee Jun
Position: Leader, Rapper, Vocal, Dancer

Name: Lee Jae Won
Position: Rapper

Name: Jang Woo Hyuk
Position: Lead Rapper, Dancer

Name: Ahn Chil Hyun
Stage Name: Kang Ta
Position: Lead Vocal

Name: Ahn Seung Ho
Stage Name: Tony
Position: English Rapper

Trivia: Andy from Shinhwa was an original member of H.O.T., but was pulled out by his parents before the official debut.[edit]Last edit by on Thursday 13 Aug, 2009 at 05:32 +3.4%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 23:09 +61.8%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 22:52 -78.7%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 22:51 +31.4%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 19:38 -92.5%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 19:38 +40.9%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 17:54 +6.6%[/edit]

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I LOVE H.O.T!!!!
They are absolutely AMAZING!
I mean their songs are so addicting!

The way that You Like Me
Full of Happiness
Line Up
A song for a lady
It's been raining since you left me!

I can go on and on! I love all of their songs!
I'm still sad that they disbanded...I miss them terribly!

I really love Kangta's voice & Jang woo Hyuk's rap and dance skills!
This was truly one of the greates kpop bands of all time! XD


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Oh, thx! ^-^ Are you another user on this site? I would feel lame if I am responding to an automated message sent by the site. (like Myspace)

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Awesome! I'm not alone! H.O.T. 4ever!!!!!!!

favorite dance tune: Do or Die
Favoirite Rap song: Tooji [Git it up]
Favorite Happy song: Beet [Light/Hope]
Favorite Love song: Always My Love
Overall Favorite song: We Are The Future!!!!!!!

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[i]TOP 5 H.O.T Songs:[/i]

1. A Song For A Lady
2. Candy
3. We Are the Future
4. The Promise of H.O.T
5. Goodbye for the last

So hard to choose! But i think those
are my top 5! :RBhalo:

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I guess all the so-called K-Pop fans
are too busy oogling their eyes over
DBSK, Super Junior, Girls Generation,
SHINEE, Big Bang....

how disappointing... I'm actually
upset that nobody gives credit to
the guys that paved the way for
K-Pop these days.

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i have never actually listened to any of H.O.T.'s work
but i heard that they are legends and are pretty cool.

but i have listened to some of Moon Hee Jun's solo works.
and WoW...he is so amazing. i love his voice. since i heard him sing
i should really go check out some of his earlier works with H.O.T.
and i know i wont be disappionted :RBhalo:

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H.O.T!!!! <33
i love them! (i thought im alone too) XD
Hee Jun is my fave *__* (love his hair lol)

i like all their song! <3
IYah, We Are the Future, Promise of HOT, A Song For Lady, Hope, Candy, Full of Happiness, etc.
It's Been Raining Since You Left Me is great too! :lovec:

i miss them :RBcrying:
too bad they disbanded v___v[edit]Last edit by on Friday 14 Aug, 2009 at 01:20 +57.9%[/edit]

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I've updated this thread, and I'm hoping to make it a little more elaborate. but for now, this is the best i can do to contribute to the true legends of KPop. please enjoy it while they are still a lingering memory for the previous generation of KPop, and possibly a monument for future generations. Nevere Forget these boys who grew into talented young men and continue to work hard for their country and the world.

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I love the pic of them on the beach!
Kangta & Woo Hyuk were always my favs! <333
I can't wait for kangta to get done with
his military duty so he can come and charm
us with BEAUTIFUL voice! :D

I wish the 5 of them would take the
stage at least 1 more time! Gosh...i really
miss them! :RBcrying:

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yea.. i wanna hear kangta's new songs too *__*
i agree he has a very beautiful voice.
tony also has a very charming voice XDD
oh man, i love them all! lol

their concerts were one of best concerts i had ever seen! :RBheart:

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I love Kangta's voice! so smooth and has that huskiness that you just melt in~
Woo Hyuk's an amazing dancer, he's grown a lot in that area
Tony was always the cute one to me, his english sounded funny in some songs lolz
Jaewon.... i dunno... all i ever saw him do was a backflip.. But he's a good rapper!

Hee Jun was (and still IS) my favorite! I think music-wise, he had the most talent. I think he was yearning for attention with his bizarre image at times, but I really saw past that and acknowledge him for his genius in music. Going solo was probably a blow to his career, but it did strengthen him in his own genre.

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I love Heejun now in Intimate note! He is just so cute and funny and even though years have gone by he kind of has the same hairstyle just a lot shorter! >.<
I loved when he appeared on Come To Play and he ended up dancing to Candy and other songs! I might have to go watch that episode again, because some other members of the kpop groups from the '90s were there!

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Sheesh, this thread died out quick. i was expecting a whole lot more H.O.T. fans... this is distressing :(

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hahaha yea.. not much that know them, they are kinda senior and had disbanded along time ago >.<

ok.. i hope these links will help everyone to listen their song on JPA :RBstickout:

Kang Ta
Moon Hee Jun
Jang Woo Hyuk
Tony Ahn
Lee Jae Won
click to see their profile and videos :)

edit: oops. i forgot this one XD
(Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony Ahn, Lee Jae Won)[edit]Last edit by on Thursday 20 Aug, 2009 at 02:17 +19.6%[/edit]

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Thank you! that actually helped a lot!~

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i found nostalgic pictures :D

and Heejun! <3
:RBblush: i wanna touch his hair XD :RBstickout:[edit]Last edit by on Thursday 20 Aug, 2009 at 02:48 +4%[/edit]

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Believe it or not, I've actually had the opportunity of touching HeeJun's hair! During his MESSIAH period, i was with my best friend in Korea and we went to one of their SMTown gatherings, on the walkway, i reached out and touched his head! OMG! His hair is like BUTTER! it's so soft and smooth, so silky! i just about died from satisfaction at that moment XD

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omo!!! O.O
reallyyyyyy?? you're so lucky!
did u take their pic??? =D

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i didn't get a pic with him :(
but i got a picture of him on stage during his Generous Tree performance! I was screaming louder than most of the girls there XD

but yah, i still remember the feeling ^_^

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I haven't listened to much of them. I've only listened to Candy,but I like it a lot. :RBhalo:
It makes me want to listen to more of them.I think I will. :D lol I'll take a listen at some of the songs you guys mentioned on here. :)

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should i considered this a wasted effort ? Y-Y

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The classics! so glad their coming back next yr! I mean who doesn't know Candy.

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Omg! I just started listening to them! They are so awesome! :D I love that song Get it up!

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