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8yr ago · 783 jpops
Does anyone think this band is awesome?! I certainly do plus I love their stly of clothing!

3yr ago · 180 jpops
Hahahahahahaha Looks like I found the right FORUM. FUCK YEAAH. I've been listening to Girugamesh since I was in 9th grade. Now2 I'm out of High School and I'm still listening to them. I'm actually listening to them right now so :P

8yr ago · 8,033 jpops
They are awesome :D

I'm so regretting that i didn't go to see them while they were here in sweden T__T

8yr ago · 1,173 jpops
i love them! one of my fav bands :D
and im still pissed cuz i didnt get to see them when they were here in sweden ><

8yr ago · 311 jpops
Oh my god!
I love Girugamesh! They are so awesome.
What other bands do you like?
Dir en grey is my favorite band.

8yr ago · 5,985 jpops
omg i love them especially their song GOKU its like the best

8yr ago · -888 jpops
I love this band to the MAX!!! I just wished they came to the Boston, MA metro area, I definitely go!!

8yr ago · 5,985 jpops

8yr ago · 1,839 jpops
They are really a great band. I love blaring it loud in my car...i'm wierd. lol

8yr ago · 5,985 jpops
no ur just a fan ahhaha!!

8yr ago · 1,839 jpops
lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!

8yr ago · 7 jpops
girugamesh is my fav band they are all so cute :RBohNo:
i love them and their songs :RBheart:

8yr ago · 124 jpops
I also like their music alot. ROCKER'S is my fave song by them.

8yr ago · 3,444 jpops
i like 'em
especially the vocalist's voice
the way the music can be soft then suddenly get heavy
i mostly like all they're songs
but the ones i like more are
Dirty Blue Blood
robust conviction
Deceived Mad Pain :D

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
I really like 'em. :)
Hoe the vocalist voice is actually pretty soft, but still can get really dark. :RBhalo: He has a eally admirable voice.
And I kinda find it funny how they look pretty dark, and I was expecting something really really dark or more metal-like when I first saw a picture of them, and then I heard one of their songs, and that really surprised me :D For the better ;)
My favorite songs are Glamorous Sky and Owari To Mirai. Whenever I listen to them I just gets very very happy :RBheart:

8yr ago · 238 jpops
I think I came across Girugamesh around the same time I did D'espairsRay, and I love both equally. 'Having Betrayed Is Why' is probably my favourite, though it used to be 'Mouja no Koushin' (but I think I listened to that one waaaaay too much :RBstickout: ). With bands, I usually go for those with vocalists who can use their voice to make one feel what they're feeling (like Giru and Mucc), and those with insanely original musical concepts (like Malice Mizer).

8yr ago · 388,387 jpops
this band is awesome and has a sense of deeper meaning in the lyrics and pv and they just are cool to begin with

8yr ago · 1,645 jpops
I`m starting to like them. ^^
The break down song especially. ^^
But too heavy is too much for me.. but wll not all the time though. xD

8yr ago · 297 jpops
They are really WHOW! I've seen them live and then you can really see how skilled they are. Doesn't matter what album there is not one sing that is bad. Can't wait for their MUSIC album.

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
The new PV, Break Down, I am not quite sure what I think about the changes in their music, but it's really great anyway. Satoshi's voice is so.. fullfilling? :RBundecided: Anyway, his voice is just getting better, but that is only to be expected I think :D

Oh, and I love, in the beginning, when he kinda jumps into the picture, Satoshi that is. It's so cool. And there is a lot of other things as well.

That is what is great about this band too. Their PV's aren't all that extreme. They are empty places, and they just have an fantastic editing. :RBhalo:

8yr ago · 3,039 jpops
I have just started to listen to them so I don't know all of their songs, but those I've heard were *awesome*. :D
I was really surprised when I first listened to their songs, like, "Eeeeh? He sings, he can actually *sing*!" and I started thanking every deity I knew, because in J-rock you have to admit that there are few singers with an interesting voice.
Somehow, Girugamesh's music reminds me of other metal bands I love while remaining original. They have a nice sense of rhythm and music in general. Break Down does seem a bit different from what they've done before, but I still like it, it has its own good points. :)

8yr ago · 433 jpops
i'm starting to listen to them, their songs are great! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

8yr ago · 3,251 jpops
I like the song Shadan and Breakdown. :)

8yr ago · 3,251 jpops
I like the song Shadan and Breakdown. :)

8yr ago · 1,371 jpops
iv just got their album "Music" ahhhh its so good!! :D

8yr ago · 59 jpops
not sure about everyone else, but Giru is my personal favorite band (american and japanese) period . I LOVE everything that band does in their music and I really like the new style of the Music album --- Giru ROX :rock: :rock:

8yr ago · 7,436 jpops
Girugamesh is awesome! I only heard their song "Freaks" so far. They sorta scare me but still they are good. I need to listen to this band more! :)

8yr ago · 1,172 jpops
Love Girugamesh!
Especially their songs
Sixty Nine & Break Down!
They are one of my favorite j-rock
bands! XD

8yr ago · 1,371 jpops
im going to go see them in May
ahhhhh i cant wait!!! :D

8yr ago · 783 jpops
Type your quick post here...LOVE GIRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Espetially their song Fukai no Yami and Aimai no Mikaku!........

Oh...and surely hope to see them on the 8th of May!.. *__*

8yr ago · 256 jpops
I love this band a lot! They are really good.

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
They are also playing in June in Sweeden, so I'll get to see them too :boogie:

8yr ago · 256 jpops
Nobody comes to the east cost of America =(

8yr ago · 5,205 jpops
oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! I love GIRUGAMESH :pray:
I really love their style on music it rocks my world :rock:

8yr ago · 24,974 jpops
Funny pics I just found XD

http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk277/Loona_Ino/Giru_6.gif http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk277/Loona_Ino/Giru_7.gif http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk277/Loona_Ino/Giru_3.gif

I love the third one where Sato jumps on the the bed :hroll: Oh that silly man :giggle:


And this one... Poor Sato.. But I can't help laughing at that :laughing: He got headbanged XD[edit]Last edit by mika on Monday 09 Mar, 2009 at 00:23 -95.1%[/edit][edit]Last edit by mika on Monday 09 Mar, 2009 at 00:20 +3%[/edit]

8yr ago · 493 jpops
They are all pretty cool
I wish Nii got more solos though..

8yr ago · 322 jpops
I like Girugamesh :D
I love their song: ROCKERS ^^
and Glamorous Sky is also cool :D

And the other songs from them are nice ^^[edit]Last edit by Dark Altum on Sunday 15 Mar, 2009 at 16:38 +5.8%[/edit]

8yr ago · 3,169 jpops
omg!< i luv them. they are so rockin' and their songs are deep and i so luv satoshi's voice, true their clothing is dark and pretty cool.
I luv their songs, specially Domino. my favorite of all times. I luv how they can be like singing slow and then bam! a lil fast singing there and rock and the band sounds awesome all together=D

8yr ago · -13 jpops
does anyone have Giru's single/album scans?

this band is my favourite... they can make me headbanging :RBstickout:

8yr ago · 1,371 jpops
i just heard that they are going to give out 3 new singles this year :RBheart: :D :RBhalo: ahhhh i cant wait till i can listen to them!

7yr ago · 250 jpops
That song makes me wanna freaking headbang all over the place. XD

omg, and what's with Pon's transformation from 'innocent cutie' to 'sexayyyy mancandy'? O_O

7yr ago · 266 jpops
Oh wow! This band is amazing! :3 I might see them in May e_e
I really love Owari to Mirai! :3
The lead singer's voice is just beautiful! <333
Vermillion and Shining are very good too! <333

7yr ago · 1,607 jpops
Loves da Girugamesh
How come Volcano isn't on itunes?, darn it!!!
Thy shuda fused it wit reason of cryng, added a couple of songs, an just made an album[edit]Last edit by fearandfire on Wednesday 08 Apr, 2009 at 19:48 +3%[/edit]

7yr ago · 110 jpops
I believe this band is awesome because I can listen to one of their albums straight through without skipping anyway, they are on my top favorite band list, and their songs are so beautiful! :RBhalo: I'd just wish they would perform in LA, CA so I can see them live!

7yr ago · 1,371 jpops
cant wait to see them in May :RBheart:

i just listened to a preview of there new single ALIVE :RBhot: its so cool!

7yr ago · 24,974 jpops
Can't wait to see them in June :rock:

7yr ago · 213 jpops
Waa! I'm so excited! I :lovec: satoshi!

7yr ago · 43 jpops
i haven't heard any of their songs yet. my friend is a super fan of this band. :3

7yr ago · 13,893 jpops
I have recently started listening to Girugamesh and they rock:rock:

lucky ppl whos gonna see them have fun :RBhot:

7yr ago · 24,974 jpops
I'll see them in about 43 days :rock: :rock:

Waaaahhh, Ryo :RBhalo:
Satoshi :RBheart:
Shuu :RBhalo:
Nii :RBhalo:


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