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Didn't see a G.E.M. thread so thought I'd start one. I really like her.
Born in Shanghai, G.E.M. moved to Hong Kong at the age of 4. Ever since G.E.M. was young, she had a passion for music. At the age of 5, she started writing lyrics. When she was 10, she started entering numerous amounts of singing competitions. She was awarded 5 major awards within her debutante year (2008).

G.E.M. finished level 8 piano when she was 13.

In 2006, G.E.M. participated in a competition called "Spice it Up" and got first place. Her manager, Tan Chang found her talent during the competition and signed a contract with her. She became a singer at the age of 14.

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This is the video that made me fall in love with her. She's super cool and talented. I hope she is very successful.

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wow.. seems like there's very little c-pop fans around here.. lol anyway, i'm a huge fan of G.E.M.! She's like one of the very few HK singers I'm following in the last few years.. and actually give a damn about lol. Though I have to say her songs are hard to sing.. especially if you don't have a wide vocal range like she does >_< i feel bad every time I butcher her song in the karaoke lounge :/

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Where did you go? I borrowed her cd off a friend one day. She just happened to have it on her and offered it to me. On first Listen I was blown away by how talented she was and I loved the raw feel of her voice and how she combined elements of rnb into her chinese songs. She has a pretty youtube page too with personal stuff on it.

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She is definitely my favorite HK singer (and one of the few I actually listen to ahaha)... My favorite songs form her are A.I.N.Y., 等一個他, Get Over You, Where did you go, 我的秘密, 寂寞星球的小玫瑰, All About You, and 回憶的沙漏. <3 <3 Her voice seriously gives me the chills when she does those crazy high notes...just amazing <3 Anyone seen this video before? its one of my favorite performances/duets by her ^^ Lady Marmalade!

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why is it so dead out here in the cpop recesses of JPA? :(
anyways...G.E.M <33333 shes defs my favourite cantopop singer too... i love it when she belts out those high notes. Anyone go to a concert on her Get Everybody Moving Tour? she was awesome. man she even played an acoustic ver. of A.I.N.Y on the piano:P

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shes from shanghai, and is based out of hong kong! :D

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omggggg shes on i am a singer :D:D:D this is so epic! shes awesomeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhh shes my girlcrush!!! *fangirls*

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Gem's really great, she's very talented and her songs are pretty good! Though she should have better material for her voice, not cookie-cutter stuff!

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