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[i]~born July 5,1983 in New York,USA
~Real name: Jo Bang Hun
~He is the second and youngest son of one of the most popular and veteran korean trot singer, Tae Jin Ah
~He lived in New York until he was 7 years old,then his family moved to South Korea
~Eru always wanted to be a producer so he composed many songs.But after a while, he decided that he didn't want other people to sing his songs. He wanted to sing them himself. He thought that the person who composes the songs understands them better. That's when he decided to become a singer. :RBhalo:
~In 2003, Eru attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Piano Department) in Boston.
~Eru entered the K-Pop scene himself during a break from Berklee College of Music[/i]


Vol.1 ~Begin to Breathe
Vol.2 ~Level II
Vol.3 ~Eru Returns
[Single]~Eru Returns Repackage
[Digital Single]~ Eru Digital
Vol.4 Got To Be


Some time ago I discovered the korean singer-songwriter Eru and he became one of my fave artists ever!! :RBhalo: I really love most of his songs! Actually every song.. :RBheart: He has a great voice and is really talented! And so.. I guess he needs his own thread, doesn't he?? :RBstickout:
[i]Unfortunately he's on duty for 2 years and 2 months since May 08[/i]. :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :brickwall:

By the way here is his latest song and MV, it's not on JPA since it's a digital single. (it doesn't have a link to yesasia. :RBfrown: )
The song features Mc Mong, Brian, and Mithra Jin. :)
http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=PBgH9TPg1Vc[edit]Last edit by dilaChan on Monday 09 Aug, 2010 at 17:24 +0.8%[/edit][edit]Last edit by dilaChan on Monday 09 Aug, 2010 at 17:23 -87.6%[/edit][edit]Last edit by dilaChan on Wednesday 27 Aug, 2008 at 19:15 +4.8%[/edit]

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permalink kyaaaa..
i like him..
i like when he was singing with lee ki chan and park hyo shin...

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permalink Aiiii Eru <3
He is sooo great <3
I saw him the first time on XMan ( he acts sooo cute in there :RBheart: )
And i just loved him from the first second on x3
He acts so cute and is freakin handsome...<3
He writes songs and is a great actor <3
He has a great voice and iss a adorable dancer <3
Is there something this guy cant do ??
He is just sooo perfect :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:
I just love him <3
:RBheart: Eru My Love :RBheart:

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permalink lol didn't you get that from me Lara??? :RBhot:
however, indeed he's very talented and I've got his second and third album. :) ..ok no my mom has them.. :RBstickout: [edit]Last edit by JiSouL on Saturday 13 Sep, 2008 at 10:42 +23.9%[/edit]

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permalink Eru! talented guy... loved him in Xman... too bad we don't have any of his albums... =.= can't buy them here T_T

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.my favorite song of his is 'white snow'
.its very cool!!

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permalink Oh I love ERU he's so cool and handsome :love: ! My favorit video is Wintering!! So cute! :lovec:

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permalink OMG HE'S BACK!!!! <3<3 Waited for 2 years and finally! XD
He's 4th album's expected to be released on the 19th!!

Here's the tracklist:
1. Time (feat. Shorry J of Mighty Mouth)
2. 하얀 눈물 / White Tear
3. 고백 / Confession
4. 늦은 후회 / After Being Late
5. 사랑 멜로디 (KBS 2TV 솔약국집 아들들 OST) / Love Melody (KBS2TV Sons of Sol Pharmacy OST)
6. 다시 사랑한다 말해도 / Even If I Say I Love You Again
7. If Only..
8. 생각해봐요 (With 주희 of 8Eight) / Think About It (With Joohee of 8Eight)
9. 내가 밉다 / I Hate You
10. 이별마저 사랑해줄게 / Love Me Even If We Separate
11. 사랑을 믿어요 (KBS 2TV 솔약국집 아들들 OST) / I Believe In Love (KBS2TV Sons of Sol Pharmacy OST)
12. 하얀 눈물 (Inst.) / White Tear (Inst.)[/i]

source: allkpop[edit]Last edit by dilaChan on Monday 09 Aug, 2010 at 17:28 +5.9%[/edit]

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permalink Does anybody know if he is married?? I have been trying to find that information..but cant find it...

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permalink i like him ^0^

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