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well let me put it this way they are the greatest melodic/techno death metal band in the world! i love almost every song they have especially their songs "Freedom" and "Innocence"
not to mention when they play live the lead singer still sounds good when he screams which is very uncommon in modern death metal bands

breif history:
Blood Stain Child is a Japanese metal band from the city of Osaka. The band's musical style combines modern melodic death metal with electro-industrial and trance. The band formed under the name "Visionquest" in 1999, but reformed under the name Blood Stain Child in 2000.

ever heard of them? Do you like them? do you hate them? i don't care just comment on them![edit]Last edit by Horizon on Wednesday 24 Nov, 2010 at 22:38 +28.1%[/edit]

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Was going to see them live at Stockholm Japan expo in 2009 but the whole event got cancelled.

MOZAIQ is a pretty awesome album.

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glad 2 see some one else loves them!

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update for B.S.C.:

Blood Stain Child has now joined the Italian record label "Coroner Records" acording to their official website, also they have started recording thier 5th studio recording.

personally i cant wait! i've been a fan since Silence of Northern Hell
and i wanna hear thier new sound since they now have a new singer (sophia) and new drummer (GAMI) I hope it'll be good

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