Anyone outside of Britain want to be my Penpal?

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4yr ago
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permalink Hello there I recently joined JPA!! :D

I love K-Pop boy groups :). I also love anime and Tokusatsu. I don't collect anything but I would love to someday collect EXO and SHINee things. I really really want to learn Korean.

I would love to get to know someone from another country that likes K-Pop. I have one friend who likes anime and this it. I'm good friends with him but would love meet people with interests in K-Pop.

About Me!
Here are some facts about me.

  • 19 years old
  • British
  • I were glasses
  • I want to learn Korean
  • I want to live in Korea someday
  • K-Pop fan
  • Anime Fan
  • Tokusatsu Fan
  • Doctor Who Fan
  • Sherlock Fan
  • Love K-Dramas and K-Movies [To many to list]

Artists I like: EXO, SHINee, GOT7, B.A.P, B1A4, NU'EST, MBLAQ, Teen Top, ToHeart, Super Junior and Big Bang.
Anime I like: Kyo Kara Maoh, Love Stage!!, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, AKB0048, Angel Beats, Shugo Chara and more....

I love to read. I am currently reading Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings :)

If you have the same or similar interests to me and not from Britain, would you like to be my penpal?. If so please tell me a bit about yourself for example:
K-Pop Groups:
This is an example layout. If I like it I will add you as friend then if you give me you email or Skype then I would give you mine. It would be easier if it was Skype but email is good to.

Please comment if you want a British Penpal :D Can't wait to get to know you! :D

4yr ago
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permalink Age:16
Country: United States
K-pop Groups: Shinhwa, F(x), Girls Generation, Lunafly, TVXQ, JYJ, EXO, Big Bang, Shinee, Got7, B1A4, C.N.Blue Etc. Soooo many more.
Other: ANIME IS MY LIFE! Well not really but it mostly is. I am president of my schools anime club and vice president of our hallyu(korean culture and k-pop) club. I am currently learning Korean and Japanese. I am conversationally fluent in french. I like reading and I borderline have a mini library from the amount of books I have in my house. I also like playing minecraft. I also love fashion and cosplay.

4yr ago
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permalink Hello to you both! May I add you on my friend's list?

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