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created by Miki   ·   3,019 posts
  • Posted by Miki CREW   4 years ago · 20 Mar '12, 00:31am   now online
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    Your favourite band or artist still doesn't have a profile? Fill out the form below and we will add them for you!

    For solo artists/actors

    Main music genre:
    Name (stage name):
    Real name (if applicable):
    Full date of birth (day, month, year):
    Main occupation: singer, actor, model, TV-host, comedian etc
    Activity status: active, inactive, hiatus, deceased

    For bands

    Main music genre:
    Group name:
    Total amount of members:
    Debut date:
    Band type: boy-band, girl-band, rock-band, duo, hip-hop group etc
    Activity status: active, inactive, hiatus, disbanded

    - only Asian based artists/bands, those under Asian labels or those who have releases in an Asian language are allowed (Thai, Indonesian etc. are all allowed)
    - information in English only (it's fine to use romaji and pinyin for band names etc), no kanji or information in any other language.
    - full date of birth preferable
    - if there is no or little information about the band online, you can, for example, write "Japanese rock-band debuted in 2007 with single "xxx"". The bio section can't be empty, otherwise the artist won't appear on A-Z index
    - it would be great if you could provide an associating label company and/or a link to the official website, Twitter, or Facebook (optional).

    The more information you give, the higher the chance requested profile will be added.
    Those requests, which won't follow the example provided won't be processed.

    Scary Mod. S ALL.
  • Reply by Raindropbows   4 years ago

    Name: 이시영 / Lee Si Young
    Profession: Actress, model, boxer and singer
    Birthdate: 1982-Apr-17
    Birthplace: South Korea
    Height: 169cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Blood type: B
    Talent agency: GnG Production & Management
    Status: Active
    Bio: Actress Lee Si Young debuted in 2008 and gained popularity from her role as Oh Min Ji in "Boys Over Flowers" (2009). Soon after, in 2009, she joined the cast of MBC variety/reality show, "We Got Married". There, she was paired up with celebrity Jun Jin of Shinhwa, and, by the June of 2009, they were the first couple to officially be in a relationship outside of the show. They broke up, however, after six months. Other than television shows and dramas, Lee Si Young also starred in several MVs, including that of Jun Jin. Lee Si Young is also known for her title as a champion level female boxer. Most recently, on March 17, 2011, she has won her third amateur champion title as a 48kg division at the "7th National Amateur Boxing Championships" held in Andong, South Korea. Other facts about her include her nomination as Rookie Actor/Actress KBS Drama Award for her work in "Birth of a Rich" and her modeling for Maxim Magazine of Korea.

  • Reply by hasimtrue   4 years ago

    heei i have send i biodata, want you accept the girl band

  • Reply by Raindropbows   4 years ago

    If it's okay, could you please add Lee Si Young?

  • Reply by Raindropbows   4 years ago

    Her info and bio is above, added by me about a month ago.

  • Reply by addleapple   4 years ago

    Sorry for not adding it sooner, we must have overlooked it since it was posted as a reply; anyway, here is the profile :)

  • Reply by hasimtrue   4 years ago

    Main music genre: i pop
    Group name: cherry belle
    Total amount of members: 9{nine}
    Debut date:january 27 2011
    Band type:girl band
    Activity status: active

    Birth Name : Cherly Yuliana AggrainiA
    ~ Nick Name : Cherly
    ~ Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist
    ~ D.O.B. : July 21, 1991
    ~ Birth Place : Pekanbaru
    ~ Height : 160 cm
    ~ Weight : 44 kg
    ~ Hobby : Singing and Dancing
    ~ Favorite Food : Sushi
    ~ Favorite Number : Singular Number
    ~ Favorite Color : Rainbow Colors
    ~ Idol : Doraemon, Chibi Maruko-chan, Mario Bross, Angry Birds, Marsupilami
    ~ Spending Time : Talking with close friend, Hunting new restaurant, Karaoke, Twitter, Roll-tumble on the bed

    ~ Birth Name : Anisa Rahma
    ~ Nick Name : Anisa
    ~ Position : Main Vocalist
    ~ D.O.B. : October 12, 1990
    ~ Birth Place : Bandung
    ~ Height : 164 cm
    ~ Weight : 46 kg
    ~ Hobby : Singing, Dancing, Painting, Taking care of cat, Traveling
    ~ Favorite Food : Onde-onde, Crab, Cheese Cake, Black Sticky Rice Cakes, Kebab
    ~ Favorite Number : 12, 7, 4
    ~ Favorite Color : Red, Pink, Purple
    ~ Idol : Shinchan, Garfield, Park Bom (2NE1), Yoona (snsd), Taeyang (BIGBANG)
    ~ Spending Time : Playing with cat, Browsing, Watching Film, Hang Out, Eating, beauty shop.

    Birth Name : Margareth Angelina
    ~ Nick Name : Angel
    ~ Position : Main Dancer
    ~ D.O.B. : October 5, 1990
    ~ Birth Place : Jakarta
    ~ Height : 158 cm
    ~ Weight : 42 kg
    ~ Hobby : Dancing
    ~ Favorite Food : Special Friend Rice
    ~ Favorite Number : 5
    ~ Favorite Color : Pink
    ~ Idol : Doraemon
    ~ Spending Time : Watching Film

    Birth Name : Yefani Filliang
    ~ Nick Name : Felly
    ~ Position : Supporting Dancer and Vocalist
    ~ D.O.B. : February 21, 1991
    ~ Birth Place : Jakarta
    ~ Height : 156 cm
    ~ Weight : 40 kg
    ~ Hobby : Dancing, Singing, Hang Out, Photograph
    ~ Favorite Food : Noodle, Fetuccini, Rica-Rica Chicken
    ~ Favorite Number : 8
    ~ Favorite Color : Red
    ~ Idol : Spongebob Squarepants
    ~ Spending Time : Joking, Hang Out, Rascal to other, Sleeping

    Birth Name : Christy Saura Noela Unu
    ~ Nick Name : Christy
    ~ Position : Main Vocalist
    ~ D.O.B. : December 26, 1990
    ~ Birth Place : Jakarta
    ~ Height : 156 cm
    ~ Weight : 40 kg
    ~ Hobby : Singing everywhere and anytime
    ~ Favorite Food : Dumpling
    ~ Favorite Number : 8
    ~ Favorite Color : Purple
    ~ Idol : Anne Hathaway, Princess on The Disney Movie, Barbie
    ~ Spending Time : Cooking, Trying the make-up and Singing in front of mirror (Inside the room

    Birth Name : Jessyca Stefani Auryn
    ~ Nick Name : Ryn
    ~ Position : Main Dancer
    ~ D.O.B. : January 30, 1993
    ~ Birth Place : Jakarta
    ~ Height : 165 cm
    ~ Weight :
    ~ Hobby : Reading Comic, Playing Game
    ~ Favorite Food : French Fries, Fetuccini, Steak, Yoghurt, Papaya
    ~ Favorite Number : 9, 6
    ~ Favorite Color : Black, White
    ~ Idol : Gaara
    ~ Spending Time : Gym, Reading Comic, Playing Game

    ~ Birth Name : Brigitta Cynthia
    ~ Nick Name : Gigi
    ~ Position : Lead Dancer
    ~ D.O.B. : July 9, 1993
    ~ Birth Place : Jakarta
    ~ Height : 158 cm
    ~ Weight : 42 kg
    ~ Hobby : Dancing
    ~ Favorite Food : Sushi
    ~ Favorite Number : 9
    ~ Favorite Color : All colors except dark color
    ~ Idol : Spongebob Squarepants
    ~ Spending Time : Dance Training

    Birth Name : Stefanny Margaretha Aay
    ~ Nick Name : Steffy, Aay
    ~ Position :
    ~ D.O.B. : March 31, 1993
    ~ Birth Place : Bandung
    ~ Height : 165 cm
    ~ Weight : 48 kg
    ~ Hobby : Photography, Modelling, Dancing, Make Up, Singing
    ~ Favorite Food : Not specific, likes all kinds of food
    ~ Favorite Number :
    ~ Favorite Color : Pink, Blue, White
    ~ Idol : Doraemon
    ~ Spending Time : Photography, Dancing

    ~ Birth Name : Kezia Karamoy
    ~ Nick Name : Kezia
    position :
    ~ D.O.B. : March 15, 1993
    ~ Birth Place : Jakarta
    ~ Height : 160 cm
    ~ Weight : 47 Kg
    ~ Hobby : Modelling
    ~ Favorite Food : Chocolate
    ~ Favorite Number :
    ~ Favorite Color : Yellow, Red
    ~ Idol : Agnes Monica
    ~ Spending Time : Photograph

  • Reply by addleapple   4 years ago

    Cherry Belle was already added.

  • Reply by ltsukino   4 years ago

    is it really not possible to add bands without the accurate full date of debut? Specially for some indie bands that information is not really available because most of them were formed during high school or stuff like that. :/

  • Reply by NaNaShinobi   4 years ago

    Main music genre: mandopop
    Group name: comic boyz
    Total amount of members: 6
    Debut date: 2001
    Band type: boy-band
    Activity status: disbanded in 2005
    Label: Sony music Taiwan (
    Bio: The band started out as an unofficial group with eleven members. The 11 members underwent training and part of the training was to host TV shows. After 6 months of training, they were evaluated based on their performance. Five members were eliminated and the remaining six formed the official group. The six members are: Kingone Wang, Figaro Ceng, Shone An, Arroy Shen, Peter Chang, Derrick Hsu. In 2002, right after their first album was released, while practicing a dance routine, Derrick slipped and fell on the floor. He suffered several bone fractures that would required 3–4 months of absence to recover. After consideration, Derrick decided to leave the group and focus on school work. Since Derrick used to be the group leader, this left the team with only five members and the management team put Kingone Wang as the leader of the group.

    i would like to add them cause i can also add information about their discography and then the profile of the few members that are still active ^^

  • Reply by addleapple   4 years ago

    Here it is. Please, next time post the request as a new post and not a reply, that way it's easier for us to keep track of the requests and it won't get overlooked :)

  • Reply by KristijadeXVersailles   4 years ago

    Main music genre: Visual Kei
    Group name: MaleRose
    Total amount of members:
    Debut date: .............
    Band type: Rock-band
    Activity status: active
    Bio: MaleRose are Visual Kei band from Thailand and they are a The Gazette Cover Band. They are currently on Thailands Got Talent.
    Eak (Vocals)
    Shiro (Bass)
    Aof (Guitar)
    Thames (guitar)
    Top (drums)

    That is all I know :(

  • Reply by brendad307   4 years ago

    added MaleRose

  • Reply by lovevisualkei   4 years ago

    Main music genre: Oshare Kei JRock/JPop
    Name (stage name): けけ(ヶ´∀`)
    Real name (if applicable):
    Full date of birth (day, month, year): June 30, 1991
    Main occupation: singer
    Activity status: active (solo)
    Bio: けけ(ヶ´∀`) won a tv show called dream creator hosted by tokyo TV and nico nico douga... his old band medi@lize is currently paused (hiatus) and since then he has been working on a solo jpop career with zebura... his first single, DARUMAROMAN, was released in march 2012...

  • Reply by brendad307   4 years ago
  • Reply by lovevisualkei   4 years ago

    i got keke added to jpa :D but also need some songs like DARUMAROMAN added to jpa chat song list please! thank you :D

  • Reply by lovevisualkei   3 years ago

    is there really no profile for the visual kei band D?? yes that is their name just D

  • Reply by addleapple   3 years ago


  • Reply by gLaggin   3 years ago

    Main music genre: Rock/Pop
    Group name: Sol Ardour
    Total amount of members: 5
    Debut date: 2010
    Band type: Rock-band/pop
    Activity status: Active

    Shola Aurora (Lead singer)
    Artemis Cephei (Lead guitar/violin/vocals) [band leader]
    Sai Kayden (Rhythm guitar)
    Xuya Takeru (Bass/vocals)
    Sion Fenix (Drums/piano/vocals)

    Bio: Sol Ardour is a rock band from the U.S., with visual kei and Jrock influences. In October 2011 they released their first mini album "Zero.0.Zero" internationally on iTunes after a string of shows around New York City and New Jersey.

    In August 2012 they released their maxi single "Heart of Viole[n]ts" and did an east coast summer tour called "The Spark to set the World on Fire". They began show in the winter with the headlining show "Sol Ardour at Webster Hall" and ended their winter shows in january, and have recently announced their first music video due to debut in May.

    Shola and Artemis are native to New York - having nigerian and caribbean backgrounds respectively. Sai moved from Tokyo to New York in his early youth. Xuya and Sion both moved to the U.S. from the Philippines at a young age.

  • Reply by SyazaMori   3 years ago

    Name:Takeru Satoh
    date of birth: 21 March 1989
    Main occupation:actor
    Activity status: active
    Official website:
    Blood type:A
    height: 170 cm

    Takeru graduated from North High School in Koshigaya, Saitama prefecture on March 2007, weeks before his 18th birthday. On his blog, he has talked about the stress and loneliness sometimes felt in being the star of a television show. His hobbies include playing with his pet cats, break dancing and Rubik's Cube.
    He celebrated his 20th birthday with a festival in Odaiba, called "Takeru Festival 2009". Fans gathered and watched montages of Sato's previous and current works and even the commercial for Lotte's Fits mint. It also included a live chat between Satoh and an MC and ended with Sato singing.
    On 18 June 2011, he decided not to update his blog anymore because of the burden. He will begin to use an official website. He officially announced his website address in 30 June 2011 which accessible in 1 July 2011.

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