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Posts in Profile picture not changing on the computer): help!!!

created by Chiihiro   ·   3 posts
  • Posted by Chiihiro   5 years ago · 09 Jan '11, 00:54am  
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    its been like 2 days, its not changing on the computer but i logged on from my ipod touch and it was changed to the new picture of hatsune miku. whats going on?!?!?:(((( help meh plz T_T

    toire no kamisama?:D
  • Posted by CharlesDefon   5 years ago · 09 Jan '11, 01:52am  
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    You probably just have to clear your cache/cookies on your computer. To that depends on your browser, although generally its under Tools and Clear Recent History/Cookies, or Internet Options.

    Living life to the fullest ^_^
  • Posted by bluesweater CREW   5 years ago · 09 Jan '11, 17:05pm  
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    have you tried changing it again?


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created by Chiihiro   ·   3 posts

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