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Posts in Piano sheets <3

created by 0Mieke0   ·   69 posts
  • Reply by Sacchan7114   3 years ago
  • Reply by chekkachup   3 years ago

    Can i get 5x10 song?? thank you very much!!
    my email:

  • Reply by Scandiaca   3 years ago

    Can I have one love and love so sweet from arashi please? Thank you!

  • Reply by Satsugaisha   3 years ago

    Hi! Could you send Kansha kangeki ame arashi sheet music? My e-mail:

  • Reply by harunyan127   3 years ago

    Please lend me Arashi's truth, love so sweet and 5x10 and also Koi no ABO. PLEASE!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Reply by harunyan127   3 years ago

    oh and also Troublemakes and monster of Arashi. Thanks!! :)

  • Reply by jsonglyrics   8 months ago

    Is it possible for me to have Arashi's Monster, Kansha Kangeki Amearashi, believe, truth, and one love?

  • Posted by Lysa   5 years ago · 07 Feb '11, 07:40am  
    • I'm a girl
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      6 years

    Sindra, If you have anything by KAT-TUN, I wud very much want it including the one u mentioned, "Going!"~~ Thank u >.<

    Soooo bz... >.<"
  • Posted by Mihk   5 years ago · 16 Feb '11, 02:47am  
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      5 years

    If you like animes songs, this site will be useful...

    On this other site, you also can download the sheets, and you can download the song in .mid format too...

    Enjoy.. (^o^)M

    Sinto tanto a sua falta...
  • Posted by utadafreak22   5 years ago · 27 Mar '11, 21:52pm  
    • I'm a boy
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      5 years

    I have a lot of Utada sheet music is anyone wants any :p

  • Reply by harunyan127   3 years ago

    Do you have First Love and Love Story?? :(( Either or both would be so APPRECIATED!!! Please send it here:

  • Posted by arizukichuu   5 years ago · 12 Apr '11, 15:26pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      5 years

    i have these following sheets:
    aragaki yui - chiisana koi no uta (revived song), akai ito and heavenly days
    fukui mai - ai no uta
    NEWS - cherish, sayaendo, sakura girl, towairo no koi
    akanishi jin - bandage
    yui - again
    kat-tun - mother father
    yamapi - loveless
    akb48 - heavy rotation (chorus only)
    koda kumi - ai no uta
    hey say jump - dreams come true
    i also have DORAEMON ost. hahaha >.<

    just message me if you want a copy. :D
    i need akanishi jin's eternal, aragaki yui and akb48 music sheets
    send me if u have.. :D
    THANKS! :D

  • Reply by sazala   5 years ago

    would it be okay to share KAT-TUN's mother father and Akanishi Jin's Bandage with me? (>人<)"

  • Reply by ImaYuki   4 years ago

    can I've bandage piano sheet by akanishi jin? u can send it via email at

  • Reply by xoxkimochiixox   4 years ago

    will you please send me the music sheet for "ai no uta - fukui mai" please if possible >w<!! cannot seem to find them in my country

    email -

  • Reply by Sacchan7114   3 years ago

    Can i have doraemon music sheet ha xDthanks

  • Reply by bubblynote   3 years ago

    can u send me the piano sheet for NEWS's Sakura Girl?

  • Reply by Manar   3 years ago

    Please please please can u send me piano sheet for News - sakura girl ? T^T
    My email :

  • Reply by harunyan127   3 years ago

    Please send me koda kumi's ai no uta here: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)))

  • Posted by Shining   5 years ago · 19 Apr '11, 16:05pm  
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      5 years

    have someone sheets for pledge? (the GazettE)

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created by 0Mieke0   ·   69 posts
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