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Posts in Hey! everybody. can you speak thai? do you wanna learn?

created by PooNPooN   ·   35 posts
  • Posted by Tahmnong   7 years ago · 23 Sep '09, 23:56pm  
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    สวัสดีจ๊ะทุกๆคน Sawat dee ja took took kon :RBkiss:
    Hello everyone~ :D
    This topic hasn't been posted in in a while
    But happy to see a Thai topic haha~
    I speak Thai too ^_^

    Yin dee tee dai roo juk took took kon na! (Nice to meet you all!)

  • Posted by Rendy   7 years ago · 24 Sep '09, 04:03am  
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    I have a friend which can speak thai in my class..
    I will learn with him..

  • Posted by sunniday   7 years ago · 01 Jan '10, 03:24am  
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    hmmm just wondering isn't the thai language similar to lao since some of the words are similar kinda...

  • Posted by aragonsarinasu   6 years ago · 13 Feb '10, 06:04am  
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    aroi mak mak-very delicios
    mao leiao-drunk already
    sabaidee mai?-how's life?

    I think those are correct I went to Surin in march :) for 3 weeks cause my aunt and uncle live there but i didn't learn too much :RBfrown: I absolutely LOVE the language!!! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:[edit]Last edit by aragonsarinasu on Saturday 13 Feb, 2010 at 01:06 +5.6%[/edit]

    Morbid Misgivings
  • Posted by SeleneTenten   6 years ago · 02 Mar '10, 02:17am  
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    I would like to learn thai!! Please can anyone teach me!!!!

  • Posted by nadaegan   6 years ago · 01 May '10, 09:48am  
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    S̄wạs̄dī C̄hạn xāc pt̩ibạti tām pheụ̄̀x reīyn rū̂ p̣hās̄ʹā thịy t̄hūk t̂xng h̄rụ̄x mị̀

  • Posted by IV   6 years ago · 19 May '10, 02:27am  
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    [size=9]i might go to Thailand next year :D thx fer the lessons :RBheart: [/size]

  • Posted by AmmyAmmar   5 years ago · 22 Mar '11, 12:21pm  
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    Hello!, my nickname is Am.
    I'm live in Thailand. (Bangkok metropolis)

    I'll post about Thai language step by step for everyone who focus on it!


    Hello = sa-wad-dee
    sa wad dee - สวัสดี > use for all
    sa wad dee krup - สวัสดีครับ > for men to say politely
    sa wad dee ka - สวัสดีค่ะ > for women to say politely

    How are you = pen ngai / pen yang rai
    เป็นไง > pen ngai > for shortly, use for person who are friends or who younger
    เป็นอย่างไร > pen yang rai > use for all, and language for write all article.

    Where > tee nhai > ที่ไหน

    you > khun, tur, kae
    คุณ > khun > politely for all type of person
    เธอ > tur > politely for friends and who younger
    แก > kae (not read ka-e) > don't rude and don't polite, use for really close-friends

    go > pai > ไป

    Where do you go > khun ja pai tee nhai / pai nhai
    คุณจะไปที่ไหน > khun ja pai tee nhai > for politely, for all age of person
    ไปไหน > pai nhai > for friends and person who younger than me

    TIPS : to speak politely
    men > say "krup" at the end of all words / such as "pai nhai krup" can use for elderly if you add "krup"
    women > say "ka" at the end of all words / such as "pen ngai ka" can use for elderly too, only you add "ka"
    (Because Thai people respect for senior. ^_^ )

    In Thai language, if you see "nai", "mai" , "dai" , etc.
    You don't read same as some words of Japanese as "na-i", "ma-i".
    But you must read "mai", "hai".

    I don't professional to teach and create lesson...
    If you have some question, just ask me. :) :)
    Because sometime I forget to explain some tips of language. (>_<)

    And about Thai except language, you can ask me too!
    If I can answer, I'm willing to do it!

    See you later!!
    Hope you have fun and knowledge about Thai language!


  • Posted by AmmyAmmar   5 years ago · 06 Jun '11, 15:12pm  
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    I recommend this!!
    (Thai song)

    Hope you like it. :) :)

    Main idea of this song is...
    One woman/girl who hurts because of their important person (also lover or family) died...she still want to meet the person again but it's's too late...because she never to meet that person once again, then, only her love heart that almost break and her body "remain"...and she'll live daily that her has for "missing love feeling" forever...
    Although as much as missing but won't meet, if she has a chance to meet once again, she'll do anything to stare in eyes, to hug and say goodbye only seconds...and she'll emphasize that she'll love that person until last breathe...

    Hope you like it and touch this song...

  • Posted by farnoosh   5 years ago · 22 Aug '11, 10:19am  
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    hi i can't speak tai i i don't want learn it :(

    Nuneo from 2pm :p kimi no koe ❤❤❤
  • Posted by K3KpopJrock   5 years ago · 11 Nov '11, 12:25pm  
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    oh my lord... my mum can speak fluen t thai, but she refuses to teach me T_T T_T T_T

    I'm Risa^^
  • Posted by Miki CREW   4 years ago · 21 May '12, 23:39pm   now online
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    Can someone tell me how to write the title of this song using latin letter? I know the translation, but not how to pronounce it in Thai.

    Scary Mod. S ALL.
  • Reply by Miki   4 years ago

    never mind, i ve managed to do it myself

  • Posted by affwip   4 years ago · 25 May '12, 23:26pm  
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    OF course I wanna learn a new language, but Thai letters all look similar. :'(

  • Posted by xkeix98   4 years ago · 10 Jun '12, 04:53am  
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    i wanna learn thai, it looks so hard! how do you read the thai in romaji? cause i wanna learn how to pronounce it properly. i only know how to say neglect, ละเลย (laleeui or something).


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created by PooNPooN   ·   35 posts
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