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Posts in Help i did not do anything and i am banned from chat

created by raruto   ·   2 posts
  • Posted by raruto   6 years ago · 02 Nov '10, 15:50pm  
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    what is wrong ?? i did not do something bad, or out of the rules... why the chat room ban me, one day before i could enter without any problem, but, now when i tried to enter i could not, says that is cause my username or ip has been banned, but i can not believe it, why it banned me could you give me a good an useful answer ?? please ... :S the chat was the only reason to be here, sincerely, in fact i have never done anything bad there.. :S

    hello world jajajaj hola mundo
  • Posted by xLovelyRen   5 years ago · 04 Jan '11, 07:59am  
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    You probably posted too many messages at once. It happens to me all the time -____- I type too quickly and send too many messages, thus getting myself banned. But, you get unbanned after 2 hours, so it's fine ^__^v [ I think it's 2 hours. JPA keeps changing it /: ]

    The chat has been like that for a long time, too, so you're just going to get used to it :RBkiss:

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created by raruto   ·   2 posts
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