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Ever had you nationality mistaken?

Posts in Ever had you nationality mistaken?

created by Shineeshinee   ·   223 posts
  • Posted by Shineeshinee   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 10:45am  
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      2 years

    I have countlessly been mistaken for other nationalities (most commonly Turkish or Greek) so I was wondering, has anyone else has had their nationality mistaken?

    Your always in my heart, Taemin oppa!
  • Reply by Shineeshinee   3 years ago

    btw im Lebanese (mostly)

  • Posted by animebubble   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 12:25pm  
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      3 years

    People often say that I look Chinese, Hawaiian, Singaporean etc :)
    I'm actually Japanese~ haha

    Dream as if you'll live forever and live as if you'll die today
  • Posted by MintyKid   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 14:17pm  
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      3 years

    Yeah I have a few time. Because of the area I work and I'm dark skinned people always think I'm Haitian and start speaking French or Creole to me. But really I'm Jamaican.

  • Reply by YukiLee   3 years ago

    lmfaooooooo that's awesome !

  • Posted by Serenes   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 14:26pm  
    • I'm a guy
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      2 years

    I'm caucasian, and I'm not mistaken for that. But, I am Australian, and everywhere I've gone in the world I have been mistaken for an American. >.< I can't stand it.
    It can't be helped though because you can't really distinguish between a white person from America, Australia, UK, Canada etc without hearing them talk.

  • Posted by jaden1992   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 14:40pm  
    • I'm a man
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      3 years

    Usually I get mistaken for an Australian but only by foreigners. When I say I am from New Zealand some people haven't even heard of it

  • Posted by AZN   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 17:17pm  
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      3 years

    Im Philipino/Swedish but I always get misstaken for Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc....

  • Posted by cameraeyezz   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 17:19pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      3 years

    Yes. I am Native American, but there are times that I have been mistaken for someone of Hispanic origin. Mainly because of my tanned complexion plus my dark hair and eyes. Also, to most foreigners when I state what ethnicity I am, they will assume that I am just saying I am native to America (which in a sense, I am) or when I use the American term "Indian", they will automatically believe I have some sort of blood relation to someone from India.

    At first, I didn't think it was that complicated, but after I met my foreign exchange partner, I had to re-think the way I described my origins. America is a mixture of many cultures, so I can see how it can be difficult.

  • Posted by elenko94 CREW   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 17:49pm  
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      5 years

    Ahh, a couple of kids wondered what nationality I actually were once. Since I got brown/green eyes and dyed brown hair they thought I was a foreigner for some reason. (basically because I wasn't blonde, blue eyed and dumb).

    How do you do this "grown-up" thing?
  • Posted by dotzcute90   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 18:59pm  
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      3 years

    i dont know how many times already i've been told by people esp when they met me for the first time, they thought i came from India (Indian), when i said i'm pure Indonesian , they didnt believe it at first time until i showed them my parents pic :( even some people said maybe my parents took wrong baby home, lol

  • Posted by GazeRockSnob   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 19:43pm  
    • I'm a diva
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      2 years

    Yep. Mistaken for Jamaican (common problem since I live in Jamaica) but Im actually American. :3

    the GazettE is everything to me right now~
  • Posted by RuushiiHime   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 20:16pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      3 years

    I get mistaken for a Chinese or American...
    But I'm Australian/ Vietnamese who changes accents from American to British XD

    Kaa-chan tachi ni wa naisho da zo!
  • Posted by Zeeppo   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 20:26pm  
    • I'm a boy
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      5 years

    Yes I once had someone think I was a Canadian. I said I am an American. I am armed to the teeth. My bacon is bacon and not ham.

    So I shot him in the leg. He will not make that mistake again.

  • Posted by hamiam   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 23:04pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      3 years

    I am Canadian Chinese but i've been mistaken for Korean, mix and native american LOL

    park that car, dancing in the headlights
  • Reply by Zeeppo   3 years ago

    Thank you I am to make people laugh. I only shot him to wound. I just wanted him to learn the difference between Canucs and Yanks

  • Posted by Mamaredosukai   3 years ago · 27 Apr '12, 23:58pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      3 years

    I'm Cambodian and White but I get mistaken all the time >.<. I've been mistaken as being Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Indian, Spanish, Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, and many more haha :D

    don't go!! :(
  • Posted by Mitsumi   3 years ago · 28 Apr '12, 00:09am  
    • I'm a girl
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      6 years

    Nope, not before. I guess it's because I'm a white girl in America XD

  • Posted by kagachi   3 years ago · 28 Apr '12, 00:41am  
    • I'm a boy
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      2 years

    ive been mistaken for japanese and korean

  • Posted by aceponkana   3 years ago · 28 Apr '12, 04:20am  
    • I'm a girl
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      4 years

    Usually mistaken as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.. but I dnt think i do cos my skin isn't as light and my nose is flat xD
    <<<---observe my pic.
    I'm 100% Filipino btw. >u<


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created by Shineeshinee   ·   223 posts

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