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created by kiHAKU   ·   2 posts
  • Posted by kiHAKU   6 years ago · 28 Jun '10, 15:21pm  
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    Um, I'm pretty new to this website and I'd like to know how to edit lyrics to fix typos and such. Thank you!

    The's like my childhood all over again. In 2012.
  • Posted by bluesweater CREW   6 years ago · 28 Jun '10, 17:38pm  
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    you can edit the lyrics only if the lyrics mods havent locked it yet.

    1. when you're looking at the lyrics there's a pencil button on top right of each column. click on it to edit it.
    2. when you're watching video, if you see the pencil button under the lyrics column on your right side, click on it to edit it.

    goodluck :)
    hope it helps ...


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created by kiHAKU   ·   2 posts
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