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[Artist] the GazettE [part 13]

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official topic   ·   created by Missa   ·   985 posts   ·   topic locked
  • Reply by Naavidya   4 years ago

    It's killing all of us!!! XDDDDD

  • Reply by RuushiiHime   4 years ago

    OH! Is it gonna be released in May? O_O
    I must've read wrong >.>
    And I'm not even gonna fight with Navi-chan. Ya know why?
    She always wins XDDD

  • Reply by nessita   4 years ago

    Welcome to the Gazeforum!!

    I've read somewhere that the bonus disc would be featuring the backstage from the OMEGA concert, dont know if it's true or not...

  • Reply by coaxx   4 years ago

    Aargh!!! Are you all getting the OMEGA DVD?? T-T I can't get it... Too damn expensive..........

    But I'll watch it on YouTube. MUST MUST MUST!

    BTW are there any news about a DECADE DVD? I'd REALLY love to have that.

  • Reply by SerenityFray   4 years ago

    PSSSSSSSH dont be nervous! we is all obsessed, just some of us are less shy about it than others lol

  • Reply by xeus   4 years ago

    come join us GAZElovin'....
    it's fun ^^

  • Reply by SixthGun   4 years ago

    Well i preordered Omega as well (limited~) but was curious because of the rumors.
    Thank yall for clearing it up for me, and the greetings :D

  • Reply by Naavidya   4 years ago

    Yahhhh, someone invent a time machine!!!

  • Posted by BouHime   4 years ago · 14 Apr '12, 11:29am  
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      4 years

    We Are SixthGuns descendant of roses, I had a "lapsus" (I don't know if it's the word in english) and I said this. It's not really important but I wanted to share it here XDD

    I love them too much for die before to see them in real, Proud To Be Sixth Guns!

  • Posted by Mayrena   4 years ago · 14 Apr '12, 12:36pm  
    • I'm a lady
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      4 years

    I think i don't laugh so much in my hole live xD
    This video is epic xDD
    Okay and perv i have to say xD
    i was dieing completely XS

    ~ 音楽は人生であり , 人生は音楽です ~
  • Reply by amuto45   4 years ago

    ah i've watched this video sometime ago
    and whenever i watched a mv the song is always touch my tralala (don't know if that;s the tile xD)

    and yes i want to touch his tralalala xD

  • Reply by xeus   4 years ago

    i'm laughing myself to tears watching this XDD
    not because of the endless awesome pictures of ruki but the song XDD

    sorry cant stop
    still laughing XD
    (typing is hard when you're laughing your ass off)

    (ok now finished, after a few tries)

  • Reply by Missa   4 years ago

    its called "the ding dong song" by Gunther

    I LOVE THIS FANVID... and the song its perfect (i have this song on my iPod) <3

  • Reply by Ponjikeilover91   4 years ago

    OMG ... IMOTO-CHAN !!!!! ... O.O
    hhahaha ... you touch my tralala, lalalalala ahhahahha XD

  • Reply by xeus   4 years ago

    oh shoot!! i have this song stuck in my head now O_O
    but ruki's in it ^^
    (touching his tralala)

  • Reply by Mayrena   4 years ago

    I agree with you xeus xD
    I defently saw this video much as 10 times now xS

  • Reply by Miica   4 years ago

    O_________O May-chan .... *pretends she never saw the video* ... hahaha is really epic ... :D :D

  • Reply by Naavidya   4 years ago

    Ah, it's back to haunt us! X'DDD
    *laughing so hard*

  • Reply by whitesnow   4 years ago

    lol, it's so stupid and yet funny at the same time.

  • Posted by Kikyu   4 years ago · 14 Apr '12, 12:55pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      6 years

    Oni - the vocalist of this girl band looks like Uruha's twin sister lol xD or is it just me? :D

    We Are Sixth Guns! <3

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official topic   ·   created by Missa   ·   985 posts   ·   topic locked

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