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official topic   ·   created by takkeito   ·   578 posts
  • Posted by Saol   5 years ago · 29 Oct '08, 23:43pm  
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      5 years

    KYAAA! Mayonaka no Shadpw Boy is great!! they all look so freaking handsome...including Yama-chan!! And all of them look so serious in the clip...but in the making of they are just adorable the way they are!

    OK...I really LOVE HEY SAY JUMP!!! :D (not more than NEWS) But still! HEY SAY JUMP IS GREAT!!! Ok...Yamada-chan is so handsome and is all hey say jumo too!! they all are so cute!!! I like the age of them..they're young...that's why they still don't sound so proffesional...but some day..SoME DAY...THEY WILL BE THE BEST!! ...After NEWS ...or not??? ooooh I better stop it here...I can't imagine hey say jump being better than they have a great future!!!! HEY SAY JUMP!!! KEEP JUMPING TO PEOPLE'S HEART AND YOU CAN BE THE BEST OF ALL JOHNNY'S![edit]Last edit by Saol on Wednesday 29 Oct, 2008 at 23:46 +27%[/edit]

  • Posted by RollinStarhero   5 years ago · 09 Nov '08, 01:55am  
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    Hey Say Jump new song i so great i can't get the song out of my head :D

    why haven't i change this
  • Posted by renix   5 years ago · 14 Nov '08, 03:00am  
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      5 years

    I love Hey! Say! JUMP because of their kawaii, not because of their music, even though i also like most of their song as: Star Time, Dreams Come True, Chance to Change, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and School Kakumei.

    This the official song of them. I still like some others: Bon Bon of Hey! Say! 7 (temporary group); Bump Up, STYLE, Spicy of Hey! Say! BEST and Wonderland Train of Hey! Say! 7.

    Actually, I love HSJ's member when they act in drama more than. My beloved baby-chan was Yamada Ryosuke ^^, I knew him nearly 2 years ago *from Tantei gakuen Q SP & Dream Boys 2006 Musical*. Because of him, i just knew Hey! Say! JUMP.

    Chii-chan, Dai-chan is also cute, neh. *ah.. I wanna beat XD*
    And Hikaru is so witty. And a humor face that can make me laugh only when seeing this.

    the Pride of 3-foot Cat
  • Posted by Mitsukichan   5 years ago · 28 Dec '08, 21:07pm  
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      5 years

    I think Hey Say Jump is pretty good so far. They are a lot of boys who are almost all cute! They are not as good as Arashi but I am not going to compare them. I think they will get better in the future. :) I like Yuya Takaki and Ryutaro Morimoto the best out off all the Hey Say Jump members!

  • Posted by catchthefallen   5 years ago · 12 Jan '09, 15:29pm  
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      5 years

    hahah they're ok. i watched yamada, chinen, daiki and nakajima on scrap teacher bahaaaaaaaaah so cute.

    i need to get out of this room!
  • Posted by 1234567nipponew   5 years ago · 12 Jan '09, 20:44pm  
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      5 years

    Yamada has too many fans... I like YABU and INOO

  • Posted by dollfacesaori   5 years ago · 14 Jan '09, 22:39pm  
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      5 years

    haha, one year ago i hated them xD
    because i loved ya-ya-yah, specially taiyo Q__Q and they killed taiyo's career.. oh well, not really, but i still didn't liked the band as one, i liked just the members xDD

    but when i started watching gokusen 3 (because i likes takaki) i kind of started listening to HSJ too, and now I love them sooooo much <3 I don't know how my life would be without them!!

    I love BEST <3 Because they're my age, so, I enjoy watching them a lot! *cough* thrill *cough* xD
    My fav is still Takaki, though my love for the rest has grown in such a big way! In a matter of two weeks I had learned to love Hikaru, Inoo, Yabu and Daiki <3

    And I also love 7! Though I get called pedophile for it >__> But isn't Yuto Nakajima one of the cutest things ever?! And I like Keito a lot too! and Chinen, Ryutarou and Yamada <3

    So, I also watch their dramas now, and sometimes even their shows and I really love this kids!!

    Hey, was someone at their concerts? I can't wait to watch their DVD!! Specially 'cause I read they played their own instruments?! OMG <3<3<3

  • Posted by shirohanabira   5 years ago · 02 Feb '09, 23:46pm  
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      5 years

    They are all so awesome! Espically Yamada! :)

    saying "Yume wa kitto kanau!"
  • Posted by DoriDori486   5 years ago · 08 Feb '09, 10:55am  
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      5 years

    Hey!Say!JUMP is LIFE!! :totallylove:
    I wonder when the DVD for their winter concert is coming out?
    Though I miss the chibi Yabu from Yayayah at least now he is kakkoii-ness! XD :lovec:

    Addicted to One Drop!!
  • Posted by Daishine   5 years ago · 18 Feb '09, 05:24am  
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      5 years

    they is all so cute but i like hey!Say!7 more :RBheart:
    [edit]Last edit by Daishine on Wednesday 18 Feb, 2009 at 05:25 -34.1%[/edit]

    In love with Arashi and KAT-TUN
  • Posted by creamypop   5 years ago · 25 Feb '09, 04:16am  
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      5 years

    :RBheart: I absolutely love chii-chan!! He's like a little cute/sexy angel :RBhalo: I like how in every picture he's in, he is either cute or sexy and then his voice is amazing!! :RBheart:

    Chinen Yuuri= Love :RBheart: [edit]Last edit by creamypop on Wednesday 25 Feb, 2009 at 04:34 +8.8%[/edit]

    Doing a project
  • Posted by carshrimp   5 years ago · 25 Feb '09, 10:16am  
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      5 years

    i love JUMP!!!
    though i only heard of em 2 months ago, but i feel that the group has a lot of potential and that they are really popular in my school.

    it is hard to choose my favourite member coz all of em are unique and kawaii ne.
    the same goes to all JE bands. it is hard to dislike any member ne.
    though i think there's still room for improvement, e.g. they should release their singles more frequently, like KAT-TUN.

    once in 3 months would be perfect!
    but still, they have to take it easy since they're quite new ne. :RBstickout:

    singing big brother
  • Posted by biRiNcHaMinG   5 years ago · 27 Feb '09, 15:10pm  
    • I'm a girl
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      5 years

    i actuaLLy like Hey! Say! JUMP.. :RBhalo:
    i tHink Hikaru [and Yuuri] are best. :RBstickout:
    they're both so CUTE!!! :RBblush:
    heehee. :D

    biRiN-cHaMinG :RBhalo:

    am i cut out to be a translator..? O.O
  • Posted by Miki CREW   5 years ago · 27 Feb '09, 17:01pm   now online
    • I'm a chick
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      5 years

    I honestly hated them. 13 years old and already a star? Come on! I do not like them now either, but because there is Yuya-kun I have to cope with the others :RBstickout:

    Scary Mod. S ALL.
  • Posted by kamenashilover   5 years ago · 10 Mar '09, 00:57am  
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      5 years

    I personally think Hey! Say! JUMP isn't the best but they are like my
    fourth favorite group because of YAMADA RYOSUKE because he is just
    pure cute! I love their songs .....
    -Dreams come true
    - Mayonaka no shadow boy
    -Bokuen rider
    and yeah i also like Hey! Say! 7 mainly because of Yamada Ryosuke! :RBheart:

  • Posted by hiromiii   5 years ago · 10 Mar '09, 15:19pm  
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      5 years

    I got into Hey! Say! JUMP because of Chinen. He's just sooo awesome! xD
    I think HSJ sorta needs more time to improve their voices, but I still love them. x3

    Inoo and Ryutaro need more solos... ._.
    Shintaro has more solos then Ryutaro. D:
    Though I like him too xD

  • Posted by sarahikari   5 years ago · 16 Mar '09, 11:25am  
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      5 years

    luv Nakajima YUTO since he's 12 yrs old.
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<talented boy over there

    ima demo aitai yo ;))
  • Posted by hanachan14   5 years ago · 16 Mar '09, 11:48am  
    • I'm a girl
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      5 years

    Quote by sarahikari
    luv Nakajima YUTO since he's 12 yrs old.
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<talented boy over there

    I think you made a mistake… Yuto isn’t 12 years old… he’s 15 years old… ^^

    still herself... :DD
  • Posted by Myhel   5 years ago · 16 Mar '09, 21:18pm  
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      5 years

    Quote by hanachan14
    [Quote by sarahikari]

    I think you made a mistake… Yuto isn’t 12 years old… he’s 15 years old… ^^

    I think she knows it but she likes him since his 12

  • Posted by tendou   5 years ago · 17 Mar '09, 04:27am  
    • I'm a girl
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      5 years

    hey~ I start to love HEY! SAY! JUMP and has become HEY! SAY! JUMP true fans yesterday... :D Hika, Kouchan and Rousuke so cute! :RBheart:
    I love their song Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Your Seed... I'd bought their single and their first concert DVD last year... but that time I still can't accept that group just buy to see Hika and Kouchan both from Ya-Ya-yah... :RBstickout: but now I can accept and started to love them... except Chinen and Morimoto... :RBveryAngry:

    nice~ They武道大好き~

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official topic   ·   created by takkeito   ·   578 posts

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