2NE1's Dara Reveals Her Interest in Won Bin

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2NE1's Dara Reveals Her Interest in Won Bin
On the YG Family special episode of SBS' "Strong Heart", 2NE1 revealed that YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has decided not to lift the group's dating ban. Originally, the ban was supposed to be lifted 3 years after their debut, meaning they would be allowed to date in May.

Group member Sandara Park was the most upset over the CEO's decision. The show's MC, Lee Seung Gi, asked if there was a guy she wanted to go after, to which she replied no.

The MC did not accept her response, believing her disappoint at not being allowed to date too suspicious for there not to be someone she wanted to date herself. Dara finally admitted, "I like Won Bin oppa".

Lee Seung Gi laughed, saying there was nothing he could do to help her get with the top actor.
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