UNiTE. Releasing 4th Single

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UNiTE. Releasing 4th Single
On March 29th Visual Kei band UNiTe celebrated their 1st anniversary with a One man live at Akazaka BLITZ that ended with an announcement: The band will release their 4th single „Yakusoku“ on June 27th. It comes out in two types:

Regular Edition
1. Yakusoku
2. Love_Duck_Core_Nothing
3. Grateful World

Limited Edition
1. Yakusoku
2. Taihai rethoric
Parts of their live performance at Akazaka BLITZ on March 29th, 2012

UNiTe just released their single “AIVIE” earlier this week and announced a summer tour starting on July 1st and a One man live in September.

This summer will be an exciting and busy one for UNiTe!
"Up until today, everything was the intro. Now the A-Melody starts." Those were the words of guitarist Shiina Mio before the band left the stage of their anniversary live.
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