Three New Members Joining Souiumono

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Three New Members Joining Souiumono
Two months ago Souiumono lost their guitarist Donky but there are some good news for fans! Yesterday the band announced that a new guitarist and a drummer joined them. Some of you may know them!

But since we've never talked about this band before, here’s the complete line-up:
Vocal: SACCHI (ex-VALQUR, ex-Poitrine)
Guitar: nono (ex-JOKER, ex-HeaRt, ex-v[NEU], ex-Ninjaman Japan, DragonWAPPPPPPER)
Guitar: Hiro Backy (ex-beaU, ex-Hibi subete wo nomikomu fukmoka, ex-Hyper Pocket)
Bass: Nuppe (ex-CalcoBrena, ex-Poitrine)
Drums: Kamui (ex-Serial⇔NUMBER, ex-SHERLOCK, ex-Se’ikspia)

The new members are nono who left Ninjaman Japan earlier this month, Kamui whom some of you may know as Kai from Serial⇔NUMBER and Hiro Backy.

Their second single will be released on June 27th and is titled “Sister Mura”. It comes in 3 versions: Type A will include 2 songs and a rpg software titled “Souiu monogatari ~Sister Mura hen~, Type B will include 2 songs and the DVD including the PV for “Sister Mura” and Type C is CD-only and will include 3 songs.

Check out the PV preview below that the band has uploaded on their Official YouTube account:
[ytid=kG3pxJjFwIo][yttitle]サウイフモノ「シスター村」PV SPOT[/yttitle][ytcontent]2012-6-27発売!! サウイフモノ ゲームつき2ndsingle「シスター村」PV SPOThttp://www.souiumono.com/[/ytcontent]
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