Kameleo Releases First Mini Album

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Kameleo Releases First Mini Album
Yesterday Visual Kei band Kameleo announced to release their 1st mini album! It’s titled “Shinjuku.” and the release date is set for June 13th.
It comes in two editions: The limited edition includes 6 songs and a DVD and will cost 2625 Yen, the regular edition is CD-only including 6 songs and a currently untitled bonus track and will cost 2100 Yen.

Tracklist (limited edition):
1. Shinjuku.
2. Othello game
3. Magical Link
4. “Baka… Baka… Baka…”
5. Shikou wa Tsune ni Minus
6. Yashinae, Onore wo
1. Shinjuku. PV
2. Shinjuku PV making of
3. mini-document of the live on March 21st at TakadanobabaAREA
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