G.E.M. Shaves Head For New MV

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G.E.M. Shaves Head For New MV
G.E.M. will be releasing a new album soon. The first single from the new album is titled "Someday I'll Fly". The singer has been in Taiwan shooting the music video for the new song.

In the music video, G.E.M. plays a ballet dancer. In order to more realistically portray a ballet dancer, the singer spent a month studying ballet. The singer compared ballet to life, stating that both are light, free and at times difficult.

The song's lyrics talk about how gradually bearing more burdens as time goes on begins to feel like shackles keeping you down in life. Eventually though, you find a way to relieve the burdens and start fresh again. To symbolize this, G.E.M. shaved her head in one of the scenes of the music video.

The music video for "Someday I'll Fly" will be released later this month.
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