Model/Actress Nozomi Sasaki Announces First Album

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Model/Actress Nozomi Sasaki Announces First Album
Model and actress Nozomi Sasaki announced the release of her first album titled "NOZOMI COLLECTION" which is set to be released on April 18th. In the album there is a song titled "For You" and it is song that Nozomi put lots of felling into to thank all the people that have helped her out especially her mother back in her home town of Akita. The composition and arrangement will be done by Atsushi Suemitsu who helped out with the hit single "Butterfly" by Kaela Kimura.

Nozomi herself couldn't believe that she was releasing her first album herself and probably surprised a lot of other people as well. Her song "Diamond Days" is being used as the ending theme for the drama Koinante Zeitakuga Watashini Ochitekurunodarouka which starts on March 16th.

Nozomi hopes that you will like her album that includes songs that will get you going as some hit cover songs.
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