Detective Conan Adapted into Live-Action TV Special

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Detective Conan Adapted into Live-Action TV Special
The 13th issue of Shonen Sunday magazine revealed that Detective Conan will get a special live-action television adaptation. The new adaptation will retain the cast from last year's live-action special and subsequent series.

The cast includes Junpei Mizobata (Hana-Kimi, 81diver, Shibatora, High School Debut) as Kudo Shinichi, Shiori Kutsuna (Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Beck, Gota Keshi: Jidan Kōshōnin Shirai Torajirō) as the heroine Ran, Tori Matsuzaka as Heiji Hattori, Rei Okamoto as Kazuha Tōyama, and Takanori Jinnai as Kogorō Mōri.

While the manga follows main character, Kudo Shinichi, solving crimes while being trapped in a child's body, the live-action spinoffs are set before the manga, when Shinichi Kudō was still a teenager.
In the new special, Shinichi and Heiji will compete to solve a murder at a Kyoto film studio.

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