Kameleo Give Sample of 1st Single

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Kameleo Give Sample of 1st Single
Kameleo fans have something to look forward to this March! The band will release their first single titled “Netsuzou Pierrot” and previews have been released for all four tracks.

"Netsuzou Pierrot" will be released on March 14th. The Limited Edition version will include a DVD featuring the music video for "Netsuzou Pierrot", its making-of video, and documentary footage of Kameleo's January 10th performance at Ikebukuro BlackHole.

Check out the single previews below!

[ytid=7dc8KvjRHTA][yttitle]Kameleo / Netsuzou Pierrot -PV spot-[/yttitle][ytcontent]http://kameleo.jp/[/ytcontent]
[ytid=7NY95ZZum_U][yttitle]Kameleo / Iyana Yatsu ne, Anta[/yttitle][ytcontent]2012.03.14 First Single『捏造ピエロ』[/ytcontent]
[ytid=k94069NL5y8][yttitle]Kameleo / Konjanjoutai [sweet][/yttitle][ytcontent]2012.03.14 First Single『捏造ピエロ』[/ytcontent]
[ytid=rCx_D6jCEP4][yttitle]Kameleo / Hengen x Jizai + Nensahannou = ∞[/yttitle][ytcontent]2012.03.14 First Single『捏造ピエロ』[/ytcontent]

Regular Edition
01. Netsuzou Pierrot
02. Iyana Yatsu ne, Anta
03. Konranjoutai [sweet]
04. Hengen x Jizai + Nensahannou = ∞

Limited Edition
01. Netsuzou Pierrot
02. Iyana Yatsu ne, Anta
03. Konranjoutai [sweet]

01. "Netsuzou Pierrot" music clip + PV Making-of
02. 2012.1.10 Ikebukuro BlackHole Documentary Footage
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