Siwon Sleeps Shirtless

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Siwon Sleeps Shirtless
Siwon of the popular boy band Super Junior is known for his charming attitude and sexy good looks. The singer made all of his fans swoon with the latest picture he shared over twitter.

The singer tweeted a picture of himself as he woke up in the morning. He told his followers, "Good morning beautiful world" as he shared a picture of picture of himself in bed with no shirt on.

Netizens went crazy over the picture, stating things such as "Oh my god Siwon you're killing me with your sexiness!", "He is sooo handsome and sooo hot...hes perfect!" and "If you'll wake up in the morning with this man lying beside you, I think you'll just lie down on your bed the whole day".

What do you think of Siwon's latest picture?
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