Aqua Timez Running Marathons?

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Aqua Timez Running Marathons?
Out of the five member rock group, OKP-STAR and TASSHI have decided to enter the Third Annual Iwaki Sunshine Marathon. This is the first time ever OKP-STAR has actually run a marathon.

After the earthquake last year and how much everyone has worked so hard to build up Japan, Okp-STAR was always thinking of a way he could give back and spoke with his fellow band member TASSHI and decided to participate in the marathon.

Aqua Timez member Daisuke was affected by the Earthquake and nuclear leaks that it caused. He wanted to put more smiles on people throughout Japan and their whole band has done various activities to rebuild Japan.

Remember to support them as their new single "MASK" comes out on February 22nd.

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