CLAMP to Begin New Legal Drug Manga Series

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CLAMP to Begin New Legal Drug Manga Series
The September issue of Monthly Newtype magazine is announcing this Wednesday that CLAMP will be starting a new series of Legal Drug starting on November 4 in Young Ace's December issue.

The series will once again star Kazahaya Kudō and Rikuō Himura.

Legal Drug debuted in 2000 and put out three volumes before putting the series on hiatus in Japan after the original magazine it appeared in ceased publication. Tokyopop has since published the three volumes between 2004 and 2005.

After Kazahaya collapses in the snow and is on the verge of death, he's rescued by Rikuo who takes him back to the pharmacy, Green Drugstore. Kazahaya is running from his past and decides to work at the pharmacy alongside Rikuo. But the work isn't ordinary as their boss has them filling special prescriptions for clients with ailments that ordinary medicines can't cure.
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