Jolin Tsai Caught Lip-Syncing At Hong Kong Concert

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Jolin Tsai Caught Lip-Syncing At Hong Kong Concert
During a concert in Hong Kong, Jolin Tsai's headset fell off in the middle of a song. However, the audience was still able to hear Jolin sing!

Over the weekend Jolin Tsai conducted the Hong Kong portion of her Myself World Tour. The singer wowwed the audience with her sexy performances. Even though she seemed to wear more covering costumes on stage, she remained sexy as ever with her dirty dancing.

Things were going great until she started to perform "Perfect". During the performance, the singer's headset got tangled in her hair and fell out. Even though she no longer had a microphone to sing into, the audience could hear her "singing", exposing the fact that she was lip-syncing.

Jolin later admitted that fast songs with strong dance performances require a backtrack playing along to help out with pace and vocals.
Source: jpopasia.com
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