Receive A "Phone Call" From Itano Tomomi

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Receive A
Itano Tomomi has announced a feature which will allow fans to hear a recorded phone call as if the AKB48 soloist were their lover, part of a current app titled "Dream Call by Mousou Denwa".

The app is available for iPhone and Android for free, and those who do decide to download it onto their smartphone will be able to hear Itano talking to them almost personally.

"Hello...of course. Yes...whereabouts? Yep...Shall I come and see you?...What?...Don't worry...I'll be alright..."

This idea may seem odd, but it's already been used by other talents, so fans can feel like they are getting a bit closer to their idols.
Three conversations similarly titled "If Itano Tomomi was my girlfriend..." can also be found on the theatre edition of Itano Tomomi's second single "Fui ni" (released on the 13th of July).

Here are the download links for Android (available now) and iPhone (released in a few days time).

What do you think of the idea behind "Dream Call"? Will you be downloading the app?
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