Ryo Of Supercell's Interview With JpopAsia

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Ryo Of Supercell's Interview With JpopAsia
With Supercell's first US album coming out June 21st, Supercell's producer and lyricist Ryo gave JpopAsia an exclusive interview about the group's expansion into the US.

Supercell is a Japanese pop group that uses vocaloid technology to create its unique sound. The group will be releasing their first US album "Supercell Featuring Hatsune Miku", a re-release of their first Japanese album, on June 21st exclusively on iTunes and Amazon.

Supercell is a collaboration between 11 members led by Ryo, the group's producer and lyricist. Ryo answered JpopAsia's questions in an exclusive interview regarding Supercell's US debut!
JPA: Supercell is releasing their first US titled "Supercell Feating Hatsune Miku" on June 21st. Can we expect more US releases in the future?

Ryo: It may happen depending on how well this release does.
JPA: Will Supercell ever release an English language album?

Ryo: Eventually, when an English version of the vocaloid comes out, I would like to make an English album.
JPA: What are you plans for Supercell in the US?

Ryo: Nothing definite at this point. I'm just looking forward to the release of the record there.
JPA: What was the appeal of integrating vocaloid technology in the new album?

Ryo: Since it became a hot trend on the Nico Nico Douga video sharing site, I decided to create songs as well.
JPA: Will Supercell expand into other global markets?

Ryo: If there are offers and demands I would love to go worldwide.
JPA: What is the greatest challenge when working with vocaloid technology?

Ryo: The process is a lot of trial and error. No matter how hard you work on it, sometimes it still doesn’t sound organic. I love being a musician but sometimes the painstaking nature of the composing and recording process is more than most people could imagine. It requires a lot of patience.
JPA: Do you think virtual pop stars can compete against real life pop stars?

Ryo: It’s the same as what is “interesting” is not just one feeling that a human can easily define, vocaloid could be an entirely new genre that could let us feel a different type of interest compared to traditional pop music.
JPA: If you could work with any artist on your next Supercell album, who would it be and why?

Ryo: He’s not an artist but I would want to have producer and mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge mix my songs.
JPA: If you could make any Japanese artist into a vocaloid who would it be?

Ryo: Many Japanese artists do not want to be turned into a vocaloid. That’s why voice actresses’ voices are often used as vocaloids and that’s how vocaloid characters such as Hatsune Miku have been created.
JPA: Do you have a message for your international fans?

Ryo: Vocaloid technology is very unique and it may be a new experience for listeners new to the genre. However, fans that already know and like vocaloid music know how much love and effort is put in by the creators. I hope that this record reaches new listeners.
Special thanks to Ryo for the interview along with Sony and MediaLab for making the interview possible.
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