FHM Taiwan Reveals Top 100 Sexiest Women

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FHM Taiwan Reveals Top 100 Sexiest Women
FHM Taiwan revealed who voters thought were the top 100 sexiest people in the world. See who made the list!

The list is out! FHM Taiwan recently asked voters to vote on which female celebrity was the sexiest woman in the world. Topping the list was Amber Ann with 55,042 votes. Amber dominated the list, receiving more than 20,000 more votes than the woman in second place, Sonia Sui.

The top 10 sexiest women of the world are as follows:
1. Amber Ann
2. Sonia Sui
3. Jolin Tsai
4. Girls' Generation
5. Lin Chi-Ling
6. Dou Hua Mei
7. Keiko Tia (Li Yu Fen)
8. Zhou Wei Tong
9. Chang Chung-Ning (Janine)
10. Effie Yuan

The complete list can be found here.
Source: jpopasia.com
Shared by: Aysohmay
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