Kato Shigeaki Gets Role As Playboy In Upcoming Summer Drama

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Kato Shigeaki Gets Role As Playboy In Upcoming Summer Drama
TBS announced a new summer drama called "Hanawake no Yon Shimai", starring Mizuki Arisa. One of the supporting actors has been confirmed to be NEWS' Kato Shigeaki who will be playing the character of a playboy.

"Hanawake no Yonshimai" is based on Saimon Fumia's manga of the same name and tells the story about the four Hanawa sisters that all have more or less problems with love: multiple times divorced, always bad luck with men, boyfriend-less virgin or desperately wanting to get married.

Kato will be playing the role of a photographer, womanizer and fiance of Hanawa Sakurako, however ends up falling for her sister Takemi.

Mizuki Arisa - Hanawa Takemi
Kanjiya Shihori - Hanawa Sakurako
Kawashima Umika - Hanawa Ume
Kichise Michiko - Hanawa Fujiko
Miyazaki Yoshiko - Hanawa Sachiko
Endo Kenichi - Hanawa Daigo
Kato Shigeaki - Mashiko Shozaburo

"This is my first time acting as a playboy so I'd like to have fun causing trouble in the Hanawa family! I will do my best not to betray fans of Saimon Fumi's original manga", commented Kato.

The drama will air on TBS every Sunday at 9pm, starting sometime in July.
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