S.H.E's Ella In a Wedding Gown

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S.H.E's Ella In a Wedding Gown
Just a few weeks ago, there was speculation that S.H.E's Ella would be getting married sometime in the month of June. Ella denied rumors, citing her busy schedule.

Earlier today, Ella uploaded a picture of herself to Weibo. In it, Ella is looking absolutely lovely in a flowing white wedding gown in what appears to be a work-related photo shoot.

Ella also teases fans with the caption, "I've resisted long enough, here's a picture!"


Netizens generated a lot of positive feedback, leaving comments like, "You look too beautiful!", "It's the first time seeing you like this.. beautiful!", "Wow, so pretty! There are no words for me to describe your beauty,".

Recently-married Christine Fan also threw in her two cents saying, "Beautiful!".

There's also been hearsay that Ella was seen visiting her boyfriend's family in Malaysia. Also, the couple have been spotted furniture shopping.

No official word yet on whether or not there will be a wedding happening in the near future though. When asked about her wedding plans, Ella has only this to say through her agency, "Thanks for the concern,".

Ella is currently busy filming the movie, Bad Girl (女孩壞壞) alongside Mike He.
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